Love Differs For Woman and Man

My ex-boyfriend and I had been going out for over a year and a half, a couple of days ago he broke it off by saying, “He needed time to grow and work towards his career goals.”  I found this completely absurd because I felt like that wasn’t a good enough excuse to break up with someone you supposedly loved. While I was weeping to him over the phone about how we could fix our relationship he had no sympathy or remorse in his voice and sternly said the words all woman dread, “We are done.” After the breakup I really questioned our relationship and whether or not it was a joke to him from the beginning, because while I was depressed and sad he seemed to be ecstatic about the situation. While I was going through a mental breakdown and posting depressed statuses on Facebook his statuses were entirely different and a majority of his posts related to money as being his main focus.

After talking too many of my female friends I have realized that my story is a lot similar to their past relationship failures.  My female friends all talked about how at one point their ex-boyfriends stated that they: loved them, would never leave, and how they couldn’t live without them “blah blah blah” etc etc etc… and then out of nowhere the guys (ex-boyfriends) would break up with my female friends for no particular reason. This caused my girlfriends a lot of heartache, confusion, and regret, while the ex-boyfriends gained a lot of satisfaction from their misery. So me and my girlfriends came up with the most common cliché break up excuses said by our ex-boyfriends, “It’s not you it’s me,” “I need time to find myself,” “ You can do better than me,” and “I’d like to stay friends.”

I still ponder the question as to why a woman loves more than a man. From learning and hearing about past experiences from my friends and I, I feel as if many men really don’t care about love and that they love for a season rather than a reason. Woman can do anything and be completely submissive towards their significant other yet nothing is ever enough for a man. Women always try and seek the problems in a relationship and work it out while a man would rather give up everything and move on to someone else. Many men refuse to put their pride to the side and let love in instead they put up a brick wall and lack emotion.

After looking further into the situation I have realized that women can give her last dying breath to utter the words “I love you” to a man that could care less about love. A man must love the woman more than the woman loves the man, or he may not stick around for long. A man’s love is not like a woman’s love; a woman’s love stands the test of time, logic, and all circumstance, a woman symbolizes unconditional and everlasting love. Due to the recent events that just occurred in my life, I felt the sudden urge to blog about the very common issues and questions many women and I had. Which is why does a woman love more than a man?  Why do men give cliche breakup excuses after long term relationships? Is the statement true: A woman’s life is love a man’s love is life? How do you measure amounts of love? Is there a special ruler of some kind? Can I use my kitchen measuring cups?



Perfect example of how woman fight for a relationship and Guys find excuses to leave. women always end up in tears and hurt men are so good at keeping their pride and masculine characteristics to over come emotion.


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  1. To make these questions anthropological we might imagine how we could look at them from a cross-cultural perspective. I don’t think romantic love is “natural” behavior and though psychologists often look at emotions in terms of neurology or brain chemistry, those behaviors are learned as well. We might find that in a less patriarchal culture than our own “breaking up” entails an entirely different experience. Would the roles be reversed? Or perhaps in a culture that is even more male dominated women could have even less of a say in their relationships. Would they be more accepting or resigned to their fate?

  2. dwesh says:

    To answer your question i guess women would be more accepting when it comes to relationships. I absolutely agree that love is more natural rather than just finding it. I believe that many have to build love and it cannot just be natural or found.

  3. clunymac says:

    I think that woman and men look at relationships and what is envolved with saying “I love you” totally different. I think when you’re in a relationship and your both truly in ” Love” the thought of breaking up never comes up because you could not see yourself with anyone else. However if a man is not in the relationship for love. I think sadly they might just say it to say it and make the woman happy. It’s childish I know but if there is any doubt I dont think you should say it. I agree with you when you said “A man must love the woman more than the woman loves the man, or he may not stick around for long.” because the only reason other than cheating or something really bad happens a man breaks up with a woman. Is because he does not love that person any more, and does not see a reason to not see other people.

  4. insuru says:

    Men are on a totally different planet emotionally. They are driven by feelings well being within themselves which then allows them to express love or deep afffetion toward women. If at any point they feel shortcomings(especially financail) they bolt. really its not you, its them.

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