Stereotypes of homosexual culture

I think it’s interesting the stereotypes we have of homosexual culture in America.  There are several stigmas on the gay community on what defines “being gay.”  Sadly, many people to give more of a pass to women in many aspects than they do to men.  For women, being bisexual isn’t a scrutinized as it is towards men. When a man claims to be bisexual many people believe that he’s just confused or hasn’t admitted to himself that he’s gay. Two things I look at in this are the views that people still have on being gay is not natural and that you can only fall into one of two categories.

I find it interesting that in many topics Americans prefer dichotomous choices.  In our culture, you are typically thought of as gay or straight and man or woman.  What people neglect to look view is that sexuality as well as gender falls on a gliding scale.  Alfred Kinsey created an experiment looking at sexuality and it showed that no one is exclusively hetero or homosexual. While one may lean to one side, the test suggest that because it is a gliding scale there is no 100%.

Family Guy pokes fun at gay stereotypes very often. In one episode by showing when “You’ve Got a Gay.” The typical stereotype on the male side is that gay men are extremely feminine and have no interest in traditionally masculine topics.  Gay men are thought to be more promiscuous and interested in things such as fashion, home decorating, and cooking.  I start by evaluating myself and my relationship with my boyfriend, are we the stereotypical gay couple?  Yes, I have an interest in fashion and dressing nice. And yes, my boyfriend is an awesome cook, but I don’t think that’s what defines us in anyway as gay. On any given Sunday you will catch both of us in the bar yelling and cursing at the television because Vick threw yet another interception. A typical date for us probably includes us going out to the movies and dinner. I’ve talked to people in homosexual relationships and the same can be said for them. So why do people feel like gay relationships are so different

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  1. tvanh001 says:

    We were just talking about this subject in my Deviant behavior class. Most of America looks at being gay as a deviant behavior but more people find homosexually among men as the most deviant because a relationship among two men is more noticeable than between two women. The US is starting to become more accepting of the fact of homosexuality and mens interest in things that would normally be a role of women is becoming more accepted as well, and the stigma and stereotype of gay men will most likely phase itself out.

  2. My take on it is that American culture more highly values masculinity than femininity, so homosexual behavior among women is viewed less negatively because it’s seen as moving in a more valued direction. By contrast homosexual behavior among men is considered to be more deviant because its moving towards the less valued feminine end of the gendered spectrum.

    A supporting case for this would be tomboys and sissies. A girl who is good at playing sports and shuns girly things may be a little odd, but she is not an outcast. However a boy who takes up girly interests is worse than odd, he is stigmatized. In our culture being masculine is better than being feminine, even outside of sexuality.

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