Bath and Body Works Line for Men


Bath and Body Works as always been seen as a store with a target market of female consumers.  They sale items such as lotions, body washes, shampoos, hand soap, candles, etc. These types of items mainly attract females and are more important to this gender. Bath and Body Works introduced a male line to attract male consumers. Now I never knew about their male line until I saw for the first time in their store. But then again I never had the desire to walk into a Bath and Body Works. I’ve always wondered how they marketed the men’s line without men feeling awkward walking into a Bath and Body Works alone. Every time I see men inside these stores they are typically with their loved ones.

A couple of years back I discovered while being forced to shop with my girlfriend that Bath and Body Works put out a line of body fragrances exclusively for men to bring in male customers. My girlfriend loved shopping at the store and had to go into the store that day. At that point I told her that I would wait outside of the store while she shopped around the female dominate store. But she begged me to come with her into the store and being the good boyfriend that I am, I did (In my mind I was rethinking our relationship…only kidding). Paranoid and looking over both my shoulders I made sure I didn’t see anyone that recognized me going into the store in fear of being ridiculed by friends. As I walked into the store I noticed other males with their girlfriends. I can see the dreadfulness and sadness in their eyes being dragged into this store. I felt the same way. Upon entering the store I can smell all different types of girly fragrances around me. I felt like I was going to suffocate from all these scents. But I was strong and sucked it up. Looking around all I saw was bright girly colors, female lotions, and body sprays.

But then I saw something in that store that I thought was odd. The store had a section dedicated to men fragrance colognes, lotions, body sprays, and body washes. I told my girlfriend that I’m going to go over and check it out while she went shopping for what she needed. They only carried four different scents, which include Noir, Citron, Ocean and Oak. With nothing better to do in the store I thought, “Hey why not, let’s smell some of these scents and see what they are all about”. So I proceeded to pick up the first fragrance cologne titled “Noir.” Noir kind of had a strong manly scent to it. I was surprised on how manly Noir smelt. This would be something I would wear to a formal party. Off to a good start, Noir smelt brilliant! The next scent I picked up was “Citron”. Citron had a pretty interesting smell to it. The cologne had almost a citrus woody smell to it. I liked it, maybe something I would wear causally. The next scent I picked up was titled “Ocean”. This scent had to be my favorite. It had a fresh and sweet smell to it. It definitely reminded me of an ocean beach type setting upon smelling this scent. I proceed to pick up and smell the last scent, which was titled “Oak”. The scent had a spicy strong woody smell to it. I really like this scent, kind of reminded me of autumn. All four scents smelt great and thought to myself that I would wear some of these colognes that Bath and Body Works had to offer. I pick up the “Ocean” and “Oak” colognes, as they were my two most favorite scents out of the four. I met back up with my girlfriend and showed her the two colognes I was going to purchase. Out of both the colognes, Oak was her favorite scent. She too described that Oak had a strong woody smell to it and that it also remind her of autumn.

Even till this day I get my colognes at Bath and Body Works and I am not ashamed. Thinking a couple years back that I would never walk into a Bath and Body Works let alone purchase something from it. But now I have no problem going into the store and buying the colognes I desire. I feel that the way that men discover the men’s line of fragrances is by shopping with their loved ones. But I feel that even if they like the scents, they still feel uncomfortable walking alone into a store such as this.

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  1. theyoungleo says:

    I feel that lotion scents and perfume scents should be open to both sexes and should not be genedered. I personally will puit any lotion wheher its Jergens, or Victoria’s Secret. But we all know that many men are insecure of their sexuality.

  2. First of all, I never wear fragrances but a few years back I decided I would get a fine designer cologne to surprise my wife for a special occasion. I was absolutely terrified going to the fragrance counter in the mall department store. I would walk up to the counter, panic, and go home. I just could not bring myself to do it, but I was determined. I wound up reading lots of reviews online and getting to know different brands so that I could have at least a clue as to what I was doing. Finally I screwed up all my courage and went to Nordstrom’s where this very cool, stylish young black man gave me four or five different free samples so that I could educate myself on scents.

    I don’t know why that was such a big deal to me! Crazy.

    • rahat says:

      I was never big into fragrances and never worn any. The Ocean scent was my very first scent I ever worn casual followed by Oak. Til this day I still wear the Ocean scent but am thinking about exploring other scents from JCPennys or Dillards.

  3. nharr031 says:

    While reading this, I couldn’t help but to think how I drag my boyfriend into girly store and see the discomfort that he has. Anyway, my grandmother got one of these body washes for my dad as a gift and I think he is too ashamed to use it just because it can from Bath and Body Works. It still sits sadly in the shower unused.

  4. ryanbierschenk says:

    I have been dragged into Bath and Body works numerous times with my girlfriend as well. I am surprised you found the men set of products, though. As you showed your displeasure, I too tell my girlfriend that I would rather wait outside and when she begs me to just come with her, I ignore the entire store. I think though that it is interesting that they do have a men line of products. In a store called BATH and BODY works, you would not think there would be gender segregation. it’s not a store with gender in mind when you look at the name like Victoria’s Secret, so one should think that it is for both sexes but we all do know how feminine Bath and Body works is.

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