Call Of Duty Reaching Out To Female Gamers?

When thinking of an average gamer people would usually think of a somewhat sloppy person, a bit overweight, and maybe a bit anti social. Female gamers do live amongst us and are not to be underestimated. They are all about proving a point that they can be just as good as the guys. Call of duty knows this and it seems like they want to increase their female fan base by adding female characters. In shooting games 9 times out of 10 you are playing a male character. Not that people thought it mattered but when they take shots they would make grunts and the man characters do comunicate with other players and to the user. Female gamers have played as male characters all their lives and Call of duty has decided to make the first move creating female characters which may make it a game changeer.

Call of duty is pretty much the first game that allows people to pick female characters without them having them some kind of attribute or special ability. It is during the zombie modes where characters can play the females and unfortunately it is picked randomly. On call of duty black ops one the actress that played Buffy the vampire slayer was made available for everyone to play as. Picking her showed how much different it is playing as a female character because she is always talking about her nails and make up every time she got hit by a zombie. It can get really annoying after a couple rounds.

Now is having female characters in a positive or negative? Since players can not really choose to be a male or female character does it make this whole thing pointless? Being a player of call of duty i prefer being a male character because the female characters annoy me because how how they complain about their make up and things like that. I havent gotten an females opinion on female characters in shooter games because female gamers are a little hard to find and i am sure a female gamer using a female character is also rare because their chances of that are 1 out of 4. At least call of duty has brought female characters to light. Maybe in the future gamers will actually be able to pick female characters or maybe just have an all female game.



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7 Responses to Call Of Duty Reaching Out To Female Gamers?

  1. dwesh says:

    So many of my female friends have become so addicted to this game instead of buying it for their significant other I see a lot of women buying this game for themselves which i find quite humerus

  2. chend035 says:

    Many of my female friends as well have become addicted to this game! Alot have said it is due in part to wanting to spend time with their boyfriend, who loves the game. However, many have gone one to play even when their significant other is not around. It is interesting to see the change in opinion once someone actually sits down and plays the game.

  3. For me, one of the most interesting topics in gender studies is when women move into pop culture realms formerly dominated by men. This is definitely happening in gaming right now.

    While its interesting that two other people have commented that their female friends love this game, I’m skeptical its because there’s a female protagonist in it. As we all should know by now online culture is one where bending the rules of gender are common, its fairly common for a man to chose a female avatar and vice-versa, so its not like the female character is there *only* to appeal to women. And when you think about the long history of selectable female characters in fighting games going all the way back to Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter it’s not really new either.

  4. leylinesproject says:

    I find it unusual how many men I know who are very opposed to playing as women. Bioware and Bethesda tend to make RPGs which allow for the player to pick male or female. Personally, I’ve started exclusively playing as female characters after Jennifer Hale’s amazing voice over performance as Shepard in the Mass Effect series. In fact, considering horror games: Resident Evil, Left 4 Dead, Silent Hill, etc… many of the games in these series had selectable female characters. I’m with Dr. Thompson on this one though, I doubt women are playing games because they have female protagonists in them.

  5. mvensland says:

    I agree. Video games are starting to give more and more opportunities for females to get involved. I think that as video games are getting more mainstream, companies are trying to maximize their demographic and make as much money as possible.

  6. rahat says:

    I do mostly see females playing the Call of Duty a lot. What I notice a lot amongst my friends is that their boyfriend, husband, or significant other usually introduces the game to them. From there they play and see the entertainment value in it.

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