Does the sexuality of the Men and Women in the military matter?

A man has arms and legs. Not so coincidentally, so do women. Also not so coincidentally, black men and women have arms and legs. Catholic or Christian men and women have arms and legs. Republican and Democratic men and women have arms and legs. All of these people are different in some way or form, and yet they all have arms and legs. All of their arms and legs function the same way as well. There is no difference in the capability of these people. It is not until you bring in the sexuality of these men and women does the military begin to question their capability.

The Don’t ask, Don’t Tell doctrine was a law that allowed gay men and women to serve in the military under the grounds that their sexuality remain a secret. If they are very open about their sexuality and inform those that they are gay, they would be discharged. This bill has been recently repealed and gays are now allowed to be open about their sexuality in the military without fear of being discharged. With the acts repeal, it is now an important philosophical question whether or not gay or lesbians should be able to serve in the military.

I think that it is certainly and rightfully okay for them to serve. Take into consideration what I said earlier. Their arms and legs function with the same capabilities as anyone else. They can defend this country just as well as anyone else. The only real question should be what exactly is different about them that makes it such a big deal? Nicholas Ferroni from the Huffington Post has written a great piece about how our country would not exist the way it does today if it were not for that of a gay man. This article sums up my entire view of the question. I just do not see any justification to prohibit someone from serving in the military, because of who they like.

Counter arguments suggest that the heterosexual community within the military, which is the obvious majority, would feel uncomfortable doing the normal things with gay or lesbian soldiers, such as showering. The heterosexual soldiers would feel like they are being watched and uncomfortable when around these soldiers. While I can see and accept this argument, I do not necessarily think that it is strong enough to not allow gay men and women serve the military.  Do things like this matter enough to discriminate against an entire population of people from protecting the country? I think they should not.

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  1. Bryan O'Loughlin says:

    As a country we were born out of change and into freedom, but we forget that simple true, and try with all our might we resist anything out of the normal. At curtain point we have realize that it is not fear of the unknown that makes us hostile but fear of a disruption to the views we so seemingly hold and take as truth. Those who remain up in arms to gays serving are just not willing to accepte that, that way of thinking is gone, and will no longer be normal. No argument can never justify a reason to violate another humans rights; and the ones used are often so selfish, and so arbitrary that the arguments defeat themselves in how senseless they are. If the majority of the military is still bothered by gays, and many still are, many have never had a gay friend, and many in their mind think of gays as a different species; those people should not be serving this country. We protect and serve every American, not just the ones like ourselves, and not just the ones with the same beliefs. As a member of the military it is not our place to pass judgment on another, we defend freedom in all forms, we defend the right for people to hate us for gods sake! The least we can do is defend your right to get up beside me in battle and defend and die for that chance.

    • ryanbierschenk says:

      I feel the same way. If I were serving in the military with a gay man at my side, I as a straight man would not think any less of him and would in fact hope he would trust me with his life in the same way I would put my trust my life in his hands. Commenting on what you said about how the majority of the military is still bothered by gays and think of gays as a different species or never had a gay friend, I can almost guarantee they have known someone who was gay and put a lot of trust in that person but did not even know they were gay because that person was merely in the closet and not open about it.

  2. theyoungleo says:

    The idea of sexuality in the military is so highly conceptualized through what we see in the movies or even in video games such as call of duty. I do believe that moving forward that sexuality will become more of an open topic to discuss and to accept.

    • ryanbierschenk says:

      Yeah, I’d agree with this fully. In the article that I posted in the blog from the Huffington Post, the author, Nicholas Ferroni, actually says he thinks that this decade may be defined by the way we conceptualize gay rights, much like the 1960’s were defined by civil rights.

  3. sylvia izzo says:

    I think its a little more then just having arms and legs. In 1997 40% of military members did not care if a gay/lesbian service member was working side by side. In 2004 the same study was conducted and 75% of military personnel didn’t care if there was a gay/lesbian worked side by side. Whether gay or straight the training is the same.

    The concern was the fact of the close quarters. We divid men and women for a reason i.e. showers, toilets and sleeping quarters. Now you will have the same sex (gay and straight) sleeping side by side. The sexual tension will be there 100% of time. But we are all professional.

    I believe that everyone should have the right to die for their country….gay or straight!!

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