Drink Selection: The Big Decision

What signifies a manly drink or a ladies drink ? This topic has always beenbothersome for me. Even before I turned the prestigious age of 21, I was judged on the non-alcoholic drinks that I would order at a restaurant. You know the fruity drinks; raspberry limonatas, Shirley Temples with a cherry on top, pina coloadas, if it was fruity I drank it.  But I would inherit stigma and cruel criticism based off of my selections, not only by males, but even females. They would call it a “bitch drink”. Therefore nailing me into the category of “suspects”(suspected to be homosexual).  In my mind I asked where does this naïve emotion stem from, is it really innate with their brain functioning, or is it incepted into their mind through the media.

As I explore this topic with you, I fast forward to present day 21 years old Leon. When it comes to alcohol consumption I like to intake anything that tastes good. If it happens to be deemed as a girly I don’t care, it tastes good. Drinks such as Seagrams Jamaica me happy- tastes great-deemed girly. Mikes Hard Lemonade I pretty much like any flavor it has- deemed girly. I prefer wine over hard liquor- seen not manly or less manly than the guy that does. Since when taste selection determines masculinity  and what taste is masculine? http://www.askmen.com/top_10/entertainment_100/137_top_10_list.html

If you went to the website above you can see my pondering was answered. Now unlike most Americans I remember my 21st birthday it consisted of nothing but “grown man” drinks provided by my older guy friends, shots of Fireball Whiskey, Jack and Coke, some type of alcohol with Sprite, and oh yea more shots of Fireball. Being with this older “manly drinking” guys I found myself even feeling uncomfortable to ask for a fruity beverage even on my birthday. I really wanted to try out a cosmopolitan, a sex on the beach, a margarita, but I couldn’t find myself even with liquor in my system even on my special day to ask the bartender for any of those drinks around my company of macho men in their late 20s and early 30s.  I find consuming smooth sweet tasting drinks nothing wrong, but because it was not the norm to consume it at this point and time I felt weird. Upset even that I let society push me over that night, but back to you the audience. I would love to hear what you think about this topic. I want you to deep down and ask yourself are there truly drinks that are masculine and feminine, or did us a society make this distinction. If you do feel drinks are categorized like so then is a man less manlier than the next guy, because he prefers feminine drinks ?


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7 Responses to Drink Selection: The Big Decision

  1. thesinglegreenlight says:

    VERY INTERESTING TOPIC! Being a college student, I go out with my friends at least once or twice a week to the bars or to parties. I have noticed over the past couple of years that I prefer to drink what are known as “manly” drinks…you know…beer, whiskey, and gin. When I go out I always order either beer or some type of liquor with a clear mixer. My favorites would be gin and tonics and whiskey sodas/scotch sodas. I am always look at by the bartender as if I was mistaken. I have even had some bartenders ask me if I am sure that that is what I want. Most of my girl friends order Tequila Sunrises or Martinis, but I hate the sweet sugary taste mixed with the alcohol. I believe that a drink choice is a completely personal thing, and that just because a guy orders a “girly” drink and a girl orders a “manly” drink, it doesn’t mean anything. People should be able to drink whatever they like without being judged for it.

    • theyoungleo says:

      Haha wow that’s interesting I didn’t even think about the complete reversal. I don’t find a woman ordering “manly” drinks weird also. Its crazy that a drink selection can seemingly say a lot to people.

  2. Another gendered aspect of ordering a drink is displaying your knowledge of the alcohol, which shows your mastery of the adult world of drinking in public. For example, proper pairing of wine with a meal or proper pronunciation of a foreign label. Like ordering from the top shelf this something that a 21 year old probably has difficulty doing. It’s about approaching the bartender with confidence and ordering in a way that says, “I know what I’m doing.”

    • theyoungleo says:

      Ahh I see what I get from your comment is that its not simply the drink itself its possessing the knowledge of the different types of alcohol and portraying that confidence. Doing so can make a difference in assessing a gentleman’s manhood.

  3. Personally when it comes to alcohol I like either beer or whiskey. Those are my preferences. I think it all comes down to the individual and what they prefer. I think it’s hot when a girl can handle the hard stuff and will tease my buds if they order a “girly drink” but don’t think less of them as a man. It is an image that society places on what is the “typical guy” or “typical girl” drink. But, I don’t care drink what someone drinks or likes everybody is different, alcohol is expensive enough as is so if you’re going to spend the money might as well spend it on something you like.

    • theyoungleo says:

      I’m glad you are open minded with this topic. My views align with yours it shouldnt really matter what a person chooses to drink, everybody has their own reasons why they like a certain beverage or not.

  4. auddieblue says:

    This was a really interesting topic – and I was intrigued to hear it from the male point of view. When I hear my guy friends mention how they like to order “girly” drinks, I find myself falling into a stereotype frame of mind and tease them about it. I don’t think their masculinity is in question, but it’s true that the stereotypes surrounding certain drinks can cause discomfort.
    It was also really interesting to read the comment by thesinglegreenlight about how she prefers “manly” drinks over “girly” drinks. I’ve never known a girl with those preferences.
    Thanks for writing about this – it really made me think!

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