Good Guy or Bad Boy ?

The phenomenon of whether a girl is attracted to the straight edge good guy or the down right bad boy had been discussed for a long time. Many girls will generally say they are looking for a guy who is handsome, nice, intelligent and able to listen to them. Though, they are caught hanging around the hostile, cool bad boys. In other words, many of the popular girls find themselves going for the bad boys in life.

In some cases it’s clearer as to why some females pick the bad boy over the good guy. Take for instance; would a girl rather be picked up in a smart-car for a movie or a Harley Davidson for an adventure? As well as some girls would take a tattoo as a gift over a designer purse.

On another note, many females can say that their relationships have been short thrill rides as opposed to long steady romantic relationships. This in turn shows that girls in their past have gone for the bad boy over the good guy.


The answer to whether girls want a “bad boy” or  a “good guy” will never be definite. It cannot be proven no matter how many studies are done.

Though, many girls will say they are looking for a good-guy, when deep down they are looking for the adventurous bad boy.

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2 Responses to Good Guy or Bad Boy ?

  1. dwesh says:

    Girls just want a guy who will love unconditional be faithful and 100% faithful I dont think its really about the good guy or bad guy look anymore. Finding a good man period is just hard to come by.

  2. The Good Guy vs Bad Boy split might be something that exists in the movies, but the differences aren’t so clear cut in real life. These are just stereotypes.

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