Insurance Rates: Men vs Women

ImageWhile it is proven that teenagers and the elderly tend to pose higher risks of hazard while on the road, why are men’s car insurance rates higher than those of women? A study conducted on insurance rates showed that men pay on average 9% more than women when dealing with auto insurance (cbsnews; men vs women). And according to “insweb” women benefit most from the states of Wyoming, South Dakota, and Washington, D.C where insurance rates are an outstanding 16% lower for women. While higher rates would seem fair based off of accidents and other trafficking statistics; most evidence does not support this.

From personal experience and being a female, I have been involved in multiple car accidents while my insurance has only increased a minimal. My brother on the other hand, having only a speeding ticket pays double the amount of auto insurance than me.  A study done by insurance company liberty mutual found that women/females pose a higher risk because they are more easily distracted while driving than men (liberty mutual). Accidents, increased speeding, and close calls are all increasing at alarming rates due cell phone use and distractions from music. Even with this statistic in favor of men, many others show that they are equal in their risk of having an accident or violating a traffic law.

Counter arguments on the matter have been that when males do get in accidents or receive traffic violations they are to a much higher degree than those of females. The types of accidents tend to vary considerably, men having more serious accident than women. Aggressiveness is a key factor in allowing these accidents to be more than just a ding or fender bender. Men are also at a higher risk of getting caught with a DWI or DUI charge as opposed to women.

Through further analysis, an increase in insurance rates would seem just given incidents causing them to rise however its policy that for the male gender you must pay more. Being that men and women start out driving on a clean slate, I feel as though insurance rates should be the same instead of coinciding with the stereotype that all males are the same when it comes to driving.

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4 Responses to Insurance Rates: Men vs Women

  1. ianisdan says:

    When I think back and look at highschool I remember all of the crazy car accidents people got into on a regular basis. I beleive that both men and women had the same hightened rates. I myslef got into a fender bender when I first got my license.

  2. Now whenever a man tells me that women should be paid less to being ”statistically less reliable”, I can ask if they’re okay paying money for insurance due to statistics.

  3. thesinglegreenlight says:

    I agree with you. I believe that because both men and women start off with clean slates they should start off with the same insurance rates. I see how the fact that it is more likely for men to get in car accidents could make people believe that insurance rates should be raised for men, but you can not charge all men more expensive insurance just because of stereotypes.

  4. leylinesproject says:

    As I have always heard it, women tend to get in accidents much more frequently however, they tend to be small fender benders. Men on the other hand tend to get into few but far more costly accidents. So I guess it becomes a case of three 500 dollar accidents or one 5000 dollar one. At least, that how I’ve come to understand the argument.

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