Reactions to Men facing Domestic Abuse From Women…. Same or Different?

To set the record straight at the beginning of this post I am completely against hitting women, I never have and never will.  As men we’ve all probably heard the phrase, “if you hit a women I’ll kick your a**.”  But is it the same for a women?  The common perception is that only males hit females and it is not the other way around.  This is not entirely true however.  At some point in time we have seen a women hit a man and just thought, “oh he probably deserved it,” or “he must have cheated,” or something along these lines not knowing the truth.  After stumbling upon the ABC short video attached with this post it was surprising to see the reactions that some peopled showed.  ABC set two actors in a park and had them engage in a fight.  They told the female to be violent towards the man in order to see if anyone would intervene to help the man out.  As people walked by most just paid no attention to it, others looked but walked by and some even showed happy emotions that the women was “standing up for herself,” without knowing who was at fault.

Most men are stronger than women.  This is not to sound sexiest but it is the truth.  Looking at the large population men are bigger in body build and have more muscular strength.  This means that a man could do more damage to a women if they became abusive.  But what if a women becomes abusive?  Is the man just suppose to take the hits?  Everyone reacts to getting hit, it’s apart of our nature.  But any reaction a man makes after getting hit by a women can be viewed as him abusing her.  So what is a man suppose to do?

A couple years back there was the big story about music singer Chris Brown hitting his girlfriend at the time, Rhianna.  Despite this being wrong, if Rhianna had hit Chris would it have made the news like it did?  In my opinion probably not.  The reactions in the video attached are self explanatory and show how most of us feel when a women is seen hitting a man.

There is a difference in reactions when a women is hit than when a man is hit, but does it make it okay?


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7 Responses to Reactions to Men facing Domestic Abuse From Women…. Same or Different?

  1. dwesh says:

    It is never ok to be in an abusive relationship whether the female or male is inflicting pain on the other does not make a difference abuse is abuse it has no color or face. It should not be tolerated by any gender.

  2. sylvia izzo says:

    It’s not OK….either way. Abuse is abuse. The problem is that men don’t come foward as women do. Men are more likely to hide the fact that they are in an abusive relationship because they don’t want to be called “weak” or “not a man”. In some cases the abuse goes past just hitting to verbal and mental abuse.

  3. aleex032 says:

    I personally would never hit a female, but they will not put their hands on me either. Yes, scientifically men are stronger than women but we feel pain just like women. If a women raises her hand to a man, she should be ready for what is coming next, whether its physical or verbal.

  4. chend035 says:

    Regardless if you are male or female, abuse is abuse and it is never okay. I personally do not believe that such a matter is healthy physically nor mentally. It is understandable that sometimes anger gets the best of us however I believe there are different alternative ways to release that anger as opposed to “abusing” someone you care about.

  5. relmo003 says:

    i agree with all of the comments above, abuse is abuse, it doesn’t matter if its coming from the male to the female or the female to the male. BUT males that tolerate abuse from females are looked at as weak, because as the male they should be dominant. Females that tolerate abuse from males are look at as helpless. i guess it all depends on who you ask.

  6. I have this vivid memory of the day Steve McNair died. I was sitting in Scooners, the bar across from CNU, watching the news on ESPN report on his murder and the drunk sitting next to me saying, “It was a woman. It has to be.” Then he went on to tell me all about how he was in an abusive relationship, his girl friend would beat him, and how difficult it was to leave.

    Of course, then we found out a couple of days later that in fact he had been killed by his mistress.

  7. First off, thank you all for your comments and reading this blog. Second, after reading all of your comments I do agree that abuse is not ok in a relationship and if you are in an abusive relationship then you should do everything possible to get out of it. After watching the video that is attached with the blog I just thought it was very interesting to see responses from by goers when abuse was going on. Reactions were different between a women being violent towards a man and a man being violent towards a women.

    Dr. Thompson, I remember McNair’s death as well and all that came out about his girlfriend that killed him. Jason Kidd is another person that went through an abusive marriage. He got a divorce from his wife because she was being abusive towards him.

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