The Impact of Sex Tapes Toward Female Careers

What names immediately comes to mind when you hear the word “sex tape”? Kim Kardashian or Paris Hilton. Over the last few years sex tapes have been the new career promoter for many females in the industry, whether it was intentional or not. Some celebrities may have already been famous for what ever reason but once a sex tape surfaces, the participants immediate receives either praise or backlash from their fans, either way giving them the publicity they need to jump-start their career.

Its like the women appearing in these films have no morals. The things they do in these films are looked down on, especially if they are not a married couple. Many people do not support sexual relationships between other people who are not married but in today’s society, its not a big deal anymore. They put themselves in a situation that will lead to them being exposed doing things that are degrading of women. On the other hand, the men that appear in sex tapes are praised for having sex with a women for others to see and they become “the man”. So ultimately, it could be a career booster for men and women but its the women to take the most backlash.

Take Kim Kardashian for example. She was sometimes seen on the red carpet with Paris Hilton, who also has a racy sex tape, but little was known about her. She and her sisters have a multimillion dollar franchise that directly resulted from her infamous sex tape with singer Ray J that was leaked in 2007. Many blamed both Kim and Ray J for leaking the home video but there were some reports that her own mother, Kris Jenner, leaked the footage. Adult film agencies were offering big bucks to get their hands on it and to expose a well-known RnB artist and a soon to be celebrity in action. To make a long story short, Kim Kardashian and her family has had at least 6 seasons of their reality television show along with several spin-off that were made for Kim to tell her story and to see what it’s like as a Kardashian. She has a clothing line, perfumes and many endorsement deals that she and her sisters all share. Even Oprah wanted to know the details of how she felt about the tape. Kim blames most of her success as being the daughter of the late Rob Kardashian, attorney who defended O.J. Simpson, but we all know that her success was stemmed from the tape that put the Kardashian family on the map. Yes there were negative responses from fans but it actually made people want to know exactly who she was and watch her show to get to know her more. Lets just say her 15 minutes of fame may last longer than we thought.

There were many other women like Paris Hilton, Pamela Anderson, and Kendra Wilkinson who were already famous but their sex tapes gave their mediocre careers a boost. It seems as if all ladies have a few things in common: they fought for the rights to their the sex tapes,  appearances on reality shows and did a number of things to stay in the public eye by making their own perfume line.

Seems like once a sex tape is made all celebrities had to do is wait for the money to pile in if it’s by a lawsuit or them selling it off to an adult film company. It may have negative fan response but the nothing talks like money.


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4 Responses to The Impact of Sex Tapes Toward Female Careers

  1. Do you feel like the sex tape is an alibi or excuse for seeking to become a bigger celebrity? As you point out in your post a well-timed sex tape can actually benefit a woman’s media career. This always makes me wonder if its deliberate and then the woman in question has to create a pose of disgrace. You’re supposed to pretend like its a horrible mistake that you’ll never do again, but actually the whole thing is deliberate.

    The sex tape is a good example of how the distinction between what’s real and what’s made up breaks down in the contemporary mediascape.

    • nharr031 says:

      Yea I think they “act” as if they don’t want anyone to see it when they actually want the complete opposite. Like men say, “women don’t know what they want”.

  2. Yesterday a 10-minute of arc clip from Kendra Wilkinson’s teen arouse picture
    hitting the internet (it’s NSFW merely you’re on your possess to Google it).
    And what I byword was maddening to me. I’m non furious because I
    birth whatsoever job with watching sexual practice on videotape – for
    the record, I watched the Pirates erotica lastly week, and it was
    wagerer than 75% of the mainstream movies I’ve seen this twelvemonth.
    No antic. And commonly these celeb sexual activity tapes don’t trouble me either, only this unmatched in especial pisses me
    Kendra doesn’t really deficiency to be videotaped. She
    says so on quite a a few occasions.
    “Please don’t do it,” she says. “Please?”
    “Kendra,” he says, stung. “I’m barely zooming in. Just go.”
    “Can you not?”
    “You’ll like it. Trust me. Watch. Go.”

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