The Third Jihad: Radical Islam’s Vision for America


If you have the time to look at this video, please do, jump through the whole video if anything. It is 70 minutes long. This video talks at first about how a terrorist group attacked a school, killing women, men, and children. It goes over the radical side and the cultural side of the Islamic group of people that are seen to make a big deal against our Western world. It briefly talks about the first and second Jihad but then focuses mostly on what could be the third. This group of people have their own belief of the God and their way of life. It also talks about funding and Oil; about the honor killings of family members; about the kids of future radical Islamic groups. I don’t fully understand why they would want to just attack one and other just because they don’t believe in the same God. I do know that they believe that everyone should believe in the God and anything else is unacceptable. They have lived their whole life with fighting in it and I don’t believe that it will stop anytime soon. I am talking about this because it is something I have never talked about before. It does show one side of the aspect, the side opposite of that of the radical Islam group or what one thinks of those people in the group. Something that America has dealt with is war since 2001 with Afghanistan and 2003 with Iraq. Our parents have come to accept that their sons and daughters have been to war and now possible their children’s sons and daughters may go to war. This video I am posting is someone’s view about how they feel threaten because of radical Islam people coming together.  I myself have gone to war and have experienced first hand with Taliban fighters and those trying to kill Americans. We pretty much try to stop them all and just prevent them from killing others but we mostly let them live their lives if they don’t mess with American Soldiers or everyday people in Iraq and Afghanistan or our country. I think this video may scare some people with their thoughts about the radical group and others may think that it is just another stupid video that one has made up to get attention. I’m not agreeing with this video, I want to get more people’s opinions about this topic to better see my own opinion.




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