The Thirst for Life

The Thirst for life.
Marketing beer and alcohol to men is not new. But does the Dos Equis ad direct its campaign at men or women. Perhaps both since men want to be interesting and women want to be drawn to the sexy interesting man.

You may be familiar with the Dos Equis beer commercial featuring the most interesting man in the world. Jonathan Goldsmith, the ads star is a regular “Joe” from the Bronx, NY. He is in his seventy’s, sexy, debonair and is notably the most interesting man in the world. He is so interesting the police question him because they find him so interesting, sharks dedicate a week to him and he once had an awkward moment just to see how it feels. These of course are quirky quotes written about him for the Dos Equis beer ad. The ad portrays feats that evoke feelings and ways of well-being while engaging in lifestyle branding, one that is interesting and exciting. The Dos Equis ad doesn’t straightforwardly tell us to buy beer but to live stress free, happy lives with the regular consumption of beer especially when you have a thirst for life’s adventures. The tag line at the end of the ad says I don’t always drink beer, but when I do, I prefer Dos Equis. Stay thirsty my friends. Some beer ads are about drinking for leisure after a hard day’s work while the Dos Equis ad is about leisure as a lifestyle and the thirst for an interesting adventurous life. How sexy is that? The ad doesn’t market to young white males as many beer ads do. There is an air of sophistication, luxury and a “playboy” philosophy of an older well-traveled man in the Dos Equis ad. Dos Equis isn’t just promoting the beer but setting a standard of what is attractive, interesting and exciting. The most interesting man in the world feats makes a memorable impression on consumers. It’s not just about drinking a cold beer, but the feeling of superiority the refreshing beverage epitomizing after showing interesting exploits and the thirst for life. The Dos Equis beer tops off those experiences.

As far as women in beer or alcohols ads go, they usually appear as highly sexualized fantasy objects. The beautiful women are possible prizes for men’s victories and correct consumption choices. Do we ever see the women as interesting? Sexy or beautiful yes, interesting no! The women in the Dos Equis ads serve as arm candy or as an audience. It’s all about the adventures of the most interesting man in the world and his thirst for life .A lot of women who star in beer or alcohol ads are just showing their bodies, standing around looking pretty. Surely women are more interesting than that


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  1. Reading this post prompts me to reflect about the representation of women in beer commercials, which, as you say, is typically highly sexualized. I wonder if there are any out there that we could say are explicitly directed toward female consumers? Maybe a low-calorie beer? Honestly I’m drawing a blank.

    • insuru says:

      I could not think of any either. Plus you never see an older women star in a beer or alchol ad as with this older gentlemen in the De Equis ad.

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