Why cant we use these?!

In the world of birth control men do not have the same opportunities as women….. yet. For years some  women have enjoyed the convenience of birth control pills while most men & women  have been stuck using antiquated methods (Condoms, Foam, Spermicide). In the near future men will hopefully be able to enjoy this luxury. So many companies are working very hard and making advances that could soon change the way we do things.

The problem with male birth control is that it is hard to reduce fertility in men on a part time basis. It is easy to cut off men’s fertility permanently, but this is not the goal. Recently scientists have been focusing on the sperm itself as well as the production of sperm. These are the only two ways that birth control in men can be effective.The most promising study came out this year. This new technology involves modifying the gene RABL2 that controls the fuel source of the sperm which makes the tales 17% shorter then normal. This does not seem very significant, but in lab mice this meant 50 less efficient sperm compared to mice that did not have the modification. Also this year medical students and staff at both Harvard and Baylor medical schools have been experimenting with the compound JQ1, which was originally designed to cure cancer. It just so happens that it also works really well at decreasing sperm count at the same time. Both are working better then any previous methods used and will hopefully make it through trial periods.

One day us men will be able to wake up and take our pill and not have any worry about whether or not we have to use condoms. This seems very weird because the way we are socialized, but I believe that it would catch on very quickly.The only problem that would arise if there was birth control pills for men would be an increase in STDs because if both men and women were on the pill there would be no reason to even think about using condoms any more.

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  1. gabrielleherion says:

    I think it is interesting how you refer to the birth control pill as a luxury. Sure it may be favored more than condoms by some people. But coming from someone who has to take birth control pills for health reason (not just to prevent pregnancy) it is annoying to have to remember to take the pill everyday. I would not consider it a luxury.

    • ianisdan says:

      Although it may not be a “luxury”, male birth control could possibly be used to help with certain medical problems in men.

  2. aleex032 says:

    It would be cool to have a birth control pill for men. In reality, men are giving a lot of responsibility to women, in trusting them to take it on time everyday. By evening the playing field with male birth control, it will prevent pregnancy at higher rates. Although I’m not saying stop the use of condoms. You can never be too careful.

    • ianisdan says:

      Approaching it from the angle of both men and women having the pill while using condoms at the same time will help reduce unwanted pregnancies.

  3. There’s been a lot written about how the Pill changed sexual politics in America and strengthened the (ongoing) movement for equal rights for women. Once you give people the power to decide whether or not they have children and actually plan for their families all manner of social, cultural, and political changes followed suit. It would be interesting to see whether there would be socio-cultural consequences to a male birth control pill on the order of magnitude as what happened for American women.

    • Ian Isdanavage says:

      This is a very interesting thought. The ability for men to decide whether or not they would have children would affect the way women are treated. The scary thing would be if birth control for females only was outlawed. This is within the realm of possibility because men currently have the positions of power in our society.

  4. ace1388 says:

    Thinking of birth control sounds weird when involving men but it would be awesome if they actually came up with a pill or patch for us. I’m not saying I would use it, not because I don’t want to, but I know I would forget to take it on a daily bases. Its hard enough for females to keep up with taking the pills. Just think about how so many males are active and busy, to not even see there families. I think that males would simply forget and blow it off like nothing.

    • Ian Isdanavage says:

      This could be, but if I had the chance to take birth control pills I am positive that I would never forget to take the pill if it meant that I could avoid having a child before I am ready

  5. jhump017 says:

    Yeah i agree with the first comment, I hate remembering every morning. It’s kinda annoying

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