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Police and Illegal Stops- This Needs to Stop

Well, it’s happening again: police officers are overstepping their boundaries and college students are pushing back (and edging them on). Gun rights has come to the forefront of the American debate after the more recent school shooting at Sandy Hook … Continue reading

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What Size Is Perfect ?

A while back I remember seeing this video on ABC News about a little girl who thought she  was fat. This made me sad and angry all at the same time. I got to thinking that little girls should not … Continue reading

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Oh, so you’re trying to claim me huh?

When we get engaged the type of thing we usually see is this, Female: I’m engaged!! (Flashes engagement ring)  Male:  She said yes! (Shows nothing of proof) I was talking to my boyfriend about this because he has been talking … Continue reading

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Invisible Work

Activities such as cleaning, cooking, and caring for children and the elderly all fall under the category of domestic work. As we have seen thus far in our study of gender, women typically do the domestic work. In the United … Continue reading

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Not so “stereotypical” According to Yahoo’s CEO Marissa Mayer, she has decided to not allow her staffers work from home any longer. She has requested if they would like to keep their job, they have to show up to the office everyday … Continue reading

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How do we see ourselves as Women

  The image above is a dove advertisement.  In this picture, it shows all different types of body shapes and sizes of women.  They are campaigning that all women are beautiful and it does not matter what their body type … Continue reading

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What Women Want….. Just as Bad!

Both men and women participate in sex. It can be obvious that men vocalize their desire for sex more. However, is it obvious that women vocalize their desire for sex just as much as men do? Maybe, women vocalize their … Continue reading

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