At 8 Years Old ?

It has become my morning routine to check out the news as I begin my day. This morning , I read an article in the news  about a nine year old girl in Western Mexico who delivered a five pound seven ounce baby girl by c – section.

According to the article she was only eight years old when the baby was conceived. Authorities are searching for the father who is seventeen years old. The girls mother said they haven’t seen him since they learned of their daughters pregnancy. Its hard to imagine an eight year old pregnant but its possible obviously.

A girl begins to ovulate even before she starts to menstruate, making pregnancy possible.Its probable the young man didn’t realize this.In Mexico the legal age of sexual consent is twelve years old. Even at the age of twelve a young women’s body is not fully developed.Which makes pregnancy and birth risky for mother and child.This made me wonder what the age of consent is in the United States. The age of sexual consent ranges from fourteen to eighteen depending on the state you live in. Each state has its own age of consent. The most common age is sixteen. According to reform sex offender laws

As a mother and grandmother, I felt sick to my stomach.  It’s hard to imagine my grand daughter pregnant at such a young age. What kind of mental and emotional damage would occur?At eight years old this girl should still be playing with Barbies and worrying about cooties.  She should not be experiencing morning sickness, cravings and swollen ankles not to mention having a Cesarean. How could she comprehend the changes that took place within her body? Did she have adequate prenatal care? Did her parents seek medical attention for her when they first learned of the assault? Where were her parents while the assault took place ? The article did answer one question.The eight year old  is one of eleven children and both of her parents work, so there was no one there to watch over her.

In the In the United States it wouldn’t be a question of whether or not this is this sexual assault. At the age of eight it should be considered rape and the offender should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. As sad as this story is it also mentions two other young girls delivering babies within the past two years. Below you can see a chart displaying age of consent world wide. Some of the ages may surprise you.

You can see from this graph, Mexico carries come of the world’s lowest consent ages ranging from as low as nine to as old as seventeen. It’s strange to think we have shows in America about the reality of a young teenage mothers when a country that shares our border is, not only far less concerned about consent, but also has mothers as young as nine years old. Health issues aside, there is no way a nine year old is ready to have and take care of a baby.

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7 Responses to At 8 Years Old ?

  1. kfock001 says:

    I love the map! Very interesting to see different countries age consents.

  2. achas002 says:

    My friend actually sent me a webpage of a long list of young biological mothers, the youngest being 5. It really is sickening and shocking and before this came out in the media, I had absolutely no idea this was happening. Also, age of consent at 9? That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard of! At 9 I was thinking about playing outside not being in a relationship and certainly not having sex!

  3. dozto001 says:

    This is a very sickening and unreal story. I am at a lost for words. 8 Years old?? Wow I don’t know what to think. Mexico average age of consent is 12?? I could not imagine our country having that sort of law

  4. dbuhr002 says:

    Update, I just read a followup article.” Mexican authorities said a 9-year-old mom was actually aged between 12 and 13, and the baby’s father is her stepfather, who is under arrest” It’s a sad situation, this young girl is probably terrified!

  5. loganmeyer says:

    Crazy article and a bit disturbing. In my opinion, there is no way anyone below at least the age of 14 is mature enough to understand sex and how it works, along with the ramifications or responsibilities.

    I do agree that it is mostly the parents fault because this child should not have been left alone. WIth 11 children, the parents are irresponsible because they cannot keep an eye out on all of their children and teach them right from wrong.

    This world is falling apart.

  6. Just out of college I led a group of high school volunteers building back country trails and one of our girls was 17 with a five year old daughter. The baby had been raised by the girl’s mother. Even as an older teen this girl had an odd relationship with her daughter, almost like she was a favorite doll rather than a person.

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