Stupid Dad, Stay at Home Mom, Gender Roles of Fox Cartoon Families.

family guyI have never noticed until a couple nights ago watching adult swim, that I realized how similar all the fathers and mothers were in these shows. Family Guy and The Simpsons are the most alike. Peter from Family guy is an alcoholic that does, says and acts in the stupidest way possible. He is a terrible father to his children and a terrible husband to his wife. He sucks at his job and is always getting into some sort of mischief. Homer from the Simpson’s is the same way, stupid, an alcoholic, terrible father and husband, and sucks at his job. All the men in these adult cartoons drink some type of alcoholic beverage King of the Hill has Alamo Beer, The Simpsons have Duff Beer, and Family Guys has Pawtucket Beer. It gives the image that men are supposed to drink all the time and get wasted. Both Homer and Peter are both over weight and yet their wife’s are skinny and fit. Speaking of their wife’s they are stay at home mothers with three kids and a baby. Not that there is anything wrong with being a stay at home parents, but what type of image is being put out by these shows?  The worst part is whenever these women try to have a career they always fail and end up back home with the kids.simpsons

It is weird how even in cartoons, in their own ways gender roles are given to these characters. Though these cartoons are for entertainment purposes, they do illustrate the fact how our society typically functions. Men normally act this way and women act that way. Could it be that gender construct be so obvious in our culture that it is even in our entertainment? Recently has there been a female president on television or in high powered positions. Gender construct has become such a social norm that when we see it that we do not realize it because we are so use to it.

Gender roles are starting to break and social norms are changing with shows like “Glee” and “The New Normal” but there is still a long ways to go. Hopefully gender construct will continue to diminish. Hollywood can be a great tool for breaking down gender barriers but at times seems to glorify gender inequality by placing men and women in certain roles.

Also with the world changing with women becoming breadwinners and men staying home, maybe the entertainment industry will highlight these changes and use its influence on society to open up people’s minds and show that men and women are not confined to gender roles and that it is okay for a women to be a provider, a man can take care of the house and better yet they can share in these duties.

This blog is to open up the readers eyes on how Hollywood and how the entertainment world sometimes glorifies gender roles and how they influence our society.

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6 Responses to Stupid Dad, Stay at Home Mom, Gender Roles of Fox Cartoon Families.

  1. kfock001 says:

    I agree with your argument and I would like to see more shows with gender equality.

  2. dbuhr002 says:

    Your blog reminded me of the TV show “Who’s The Boss”. The main female character was an attorney who employed a male housekeeper. Even though the roles were reversed, his character still wasn’t the sharpest crayon in the box.If we want gender equality maybe we shouldn’t count on television or cartoons to set the example.

    • Lexo says:

      I agree and its not that I want television shows to show gender equality but they do not need to glorify gender inequality and magnify stereotypes like stay at home moms and stupid dads.

  3. dozto001 says:

    I understand your thoughts on these cartoons, but being a fan of these shows I may be bias. However, perhaps newer shows will portray a women as the lead. Just a thought

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