Will Female Emcees Ever Get as Much Recognition as Male Emcees?


Will Female Emcees Ever Get as Much Recognition

as Male Emcees?


At the start of my creative process, I found it challenging to develop a topic that would interest both my audience and me. This topic is expected to have differing perspectives, and while none can claim to be explicitly correct, each should be respected. The question I wanted to pose was as follows: Will female emcees ever get as much recognition as male emcees?  Why or why not? Upon research, I developed a few reasons why I believe female emcees may not get as much recognition as male emcees:


1. Male dominated industry

2. Stereotypes and characteristics

3. Delivery of the message


Society places certain expectations and stereotypes on a couple of different professions such as firefighter, policeman, doctor, nurse, hairstylist, barber and even emcees. However, a lot of these stereotypes are based off of men in that profession, so women are forced to either work harder or be confined to the workplace in a hierarchy that places them below males.  In the music industry, the rap genre is a male dominated genre with very few female emcees. Typically, the majority is more powerful, and seeing as there are very few females emcees, men dominate and make decisions in the rap industry. This domination of the male majority leaves female emcees to either sign to a male dominated label, or exhibit promiscuous behavior to gain attention. The rap genre has not always been this way. Female emcees from the past, such ass missy Elliot, Foxy Brown, and MC Lyte, never showed their body or were promiscuous in order deliver their message or receive recognition. The same cannot be said for female emcees today. Nikki Minaj is a prime example of promiscuous behavior for attention. This becomes interesting because even though Nikki Minaj portrays herself in a negative light and objectifies her body, she has millions of fans. Is Nikki Minaj sending the right message? Will she ever get the respect and acknowledgement foxy brown and other legendary emcees receive? I would have to say no because the main reason males listen to her music is because she’s provocative. Her appeal is not due to her message. Nikki Minaj is a performer rather than a lyricist.

Stereotypes also play a major role in this controversy. Typically, women are viewed as feminine and nurturing, where as men are viewed as masculine, dominant individuals. So if a rap artist is talking about killing, fighting, and living this crazy life, society believes it’s acceptable for a man to rap about this. If a women decides to tell the same story as a male rapper, it becomes a problem. Comments such as “you’re not acting like an lady” or “that’s not lady like” begin to arise. Artists such as Nikki Minaj are the main reason female emcees aren’t recognized or respected. Her videos and lyrics are the evidence of why I believe she is the reason female emcees aren’t respected. She’s a made up “Barbie” and raps about nothing but her body and money. I believe music is a story of a person’s life and how they see the things around them. I believe music should teach a lesson or at least have a meaning behind it. Female emcees to an extent just don’t understand this because they idolized artist such as Nikki Minaj.




As mentioned earlier I believe music is a message being delivered and a story being told. I personally don’t believe a lot of female emcees can relate to the messages being sent from male emcees and this is why they choose to attack the industry in a different way. Artist such as Nas, Biggie, Tupac told stories that I feel relate to a lot of young African American lives and with the female emcees we have in the industry today I do not believe they will ever come close too telling a story like these artist once did. In conclusion, I do not believe it’s that female emcees wont get as much recognition because males emcees don’t want too give them recognition, I believe its because females emcees take the wrong approach and try too use their looks versus their minds.


Below are a couple videos of female and male emcees that I believe send messages and tells stories through their music. I believe as a whole this is what the music industry has lost.









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6 Responses to Will Female Emcees Ever Get as Much Recognition as Male Emcees?

  1. Lexo says:

    I do not think that there ever will be gender equality, we can strive for it but there will not be gender equality in a male dominated industry such as this.

  2. afraser218 says:

    This was the topic that i was going to use for my blog but i guess i have to choose something else. In the rap industry all guys want to see is a female being sexy. So when you see someone trying to rap like nitty scott (look her up), they will never get the recognization because we see it as a mans job.

  3. What do you make of the fact that Da Brat is saying that she does respect Nikki Manaj, while you are saying that its because of Nikki Manaj (or people in her style) that female emcees don’t get respect. I mean, I can’t stand her! And it seems like you’re kind of sick of it too. But here’s Da Brat saying that what she’s doing is actually a good thing. How do you resolve that contradiction?

    • dbask005 says:

      Alothough Da Bratt stated she respects what Nikki is doing this does not mean she is referring directly to her music however she might be this is my assumption. I believe Da Bratt is saying she respect what shes doing for females as far as being in the rap industry period. If you notice she makes one comment saying ” I like Nikki Manaj” and thats it. Theres no other females in the industry for to represent so she can not dislike the only female trying.

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