“It All Started With An Orange Basketball y’all” – Wizard Kelly Y’ALL!!!!

So i was originally going to do my post on something else but someone already did it so i decided to do mine on female basketball players.  I have been noticing recently that alot of people do not like to watch female basketball games because they said they were boring and that they never get to see anything exciting like a dunk or a fight.  Women should definitely get more recognization then they receive.  They put in just as much work as men do and have just as much talent.  I like to fend for female basketball players because my sister plays basketball for her school and for AAU and has been for over 6 years.  We are constantly watching basketball in my household and is a good change from watching NBA sometimes.  Whenever we put women up to a task that usually is done by men, we automatically expect them to fail or not be as good as men.  They often looked down upon and have little chance to show off their athletic abilities.  When i play a pick up game at the gym i never mind guarding the female if the other team has one.  Everyone else hates it because one they don’t think they warrant their time or two they feel embarrassed if they outshine them or drain a shot in their face.  I hold women to the same caliber as when im playing with anybody else and i respect them when they outplay me.  I also think about how they are feeling.  I know that my sister would not like it if people look at her and not play as tough as if they were playing another guy.  All she wants is the same chance as everyone else.  And for those of you who say they never see dunks or fights then you must not of heard about Brittney Griner, tsk tsk. 

DUNK @1:13




And this one is of Candace Parker fast forward to 57 Seconds 





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