“It’s Not For Women”

We know and see the problem of “hyper-masculinity” in places like the L.A. County Prison, where men feel as if they have to act or seem tough in order to survive in some cases. But to see this same concept applied in the media to appeal to men, and their egos is somewhat surprising, yet I understand it s very affective.(Men are simple egotistical douche-bags!, (speaking for only some)).  I was actually looking for a specific commercial where the new Dr. Pepper 10 campaign slogan is “It’s not for women”. I like to analyze and the first time I saw this commercial, I thought to myself that is an easy way to lose a lot of potential buyers of your product, maybe even cutting the profits in half!

Considering that many women these days are focused on dieting and trying to be like the women that they see on T.V., which many are a lot of the times skeletons with skin and utterly disgusting to me. This would seem to be actually a good product for both genders? I think that Dr. Pepper might have committed financial suicide on this one. Don’t they realize in a lot of cases the women is going to be the one actually in the store choosing the type of beverage that she buys and brings home, and will probably not be choosing this one, for a list of reasons.

“Why?”, I asked, then I answered “I don’t know”, literally I had no clue, I just couldn’t understand the thought process behind this. Then I came across another video showing me that, right now there are many brands like “Miller Lite” and “Old Spice” and others that are focusing on appealing to men in the same exact way, and Dr. Pepper is simply one more to jump on the bandwagon. Yet their slogan is way more direct and I think that it can be taken the wrong way by many women, and has been.


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2 Responses to “It’s Not For Women”

  1. mbrow2013 says:

    I’m pretty sure that the Dr. Pepper 10 commercials are so ridiculous, so downright silly and fun, that they believed people would have a hard time taking any part of it seriously. The entire commercial is one big parody, that seems obvious that it’s not meant to be seen in a serious way in the least. It’s like getting angry at Psy’s Gangnam Style video for innappropriate male behavior.

    • efretz90 says:

      True, and maybe it is parody, I mean of course its found funny because of this era’s sense of humor, and the mainstream appeal to men and their manliness, thats simply funny for men and women. But the fact is I know some women who were talking about this in front of me when it came on and they took it very seriously for some reason, and had a heated discussion about it, when I examined myself and how I felt or was thinking in the moment I found myself ignorant to anything offensive at all, and a minddet similar to yours. Yet I think any slogan you put your brand behind should be well thought through and shouldn’t necessarily offend or have a chance to offend anyone, its simply couter-productive to the goal, and thats sales.

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