Being Ugly is a Lose-Lose Situation

In countries all over the world, more and more people are finding mates that are physically attractive.  It’s nothing new since both men and women have looked for those who are beautiful in hopes of creating beautiful offspring.  Of course there are those who have looked for those who are appealing to the eyes because they are nice to look at, and if you have to look at someone for the rest of your life (possibly) then it makes sense to find that person attractive.  Who knew that being ugly could get you sued by the person you married?

In the fall of 2012, a Chinese man sued his wife because she was ugly.  When the couple’s daughter was born the man questioned his paternity because he could not believe that his wife and him could make an ugly child.  He believed that she had cheated on him and continued to hold it over her until she could not take it any more.  The wife finally came clean and said that she had cosmetic surgery.  When the husband found out about this and what she had looked like, he not only divorced her but sued her as well on the grounds of fraud.  The husband even won the case and the now ex-wife was forced to pay him over $100,000 US.

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Why do people believe that they need to change the way that they look and then go to the extremes of having surgery?  Society tells people that they need to look a certain way for them to be considered beautiful in so many ways that most don’t even see it anymore.  While it could be argued that humans are influenced more by an attractive face, having the influences all around us can be a bit much.  Look at magazines and the reader will be exposed to pretty faces and bodies in almost every ad.  Even when you look at ads that don’t even need a person to be in the picture, there is a welcoming face telling the reader that they “need” that product.  Sex does sell and that’s not what I am questioning.  The lengths that people will go to so that they are beautiful and the pressures that are put on them to become beautiful is what I am questioning.

The average cost of having one cosmetic surgery is around $3000, and thats just for one procedure.  There are those who not only have one part of their body worked on but several and they have those areas worked on multiple times all for beauty’s sake.  Its one thing if you have a procedure done once or twice on certian problem areas on your body but to consider your entire face or body a problem area that needs surgery after surgery is a bit extreme. Sometimes surgery, even the cosmetic type, can be beneficial for the persons health but to chose to undergo surgery no matter how common the procedure is simply because someone wants to feel the way that society tells them they should is the extreme.

Going back to the story at the top about the chinese couple, not only had the woman gone under the knife multiple times so that she could fit into a society that values physical beauty but had that same society turn their back on her still when her secret was discovered.  The whole story gives off a feeling of insecurity when one really thinks about it.  Here was a woman who put her self through risks and spent a good deal of money in hopes of being accepted because she was not pretty.  When she thinks that life is going well, her secret is exposed in an attempt to escape accusations of infidelity.  Her husband turns his back on her and she ends up losing not only him but a large sum of money as well and the court to recognize that is could be fraud if a woman doesn’t go into a marriage with her future husband knowing if she is naturally beautiful or not.  So not only is one looked down on for not being beautiful but can also have the same society that made her change her body tell her that the surgeries still don’t matter since she is not naturally beautiful.

At the end of this I would just like to state that it is not the surgeries and making oneself feel better with what they see in the mirror that there is a problem with.  The problem lies within the part of societies that tell both men and women that they “need” these surgeries to be beautiful and to go to almost any extremes to make that possible.


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5 Responses to Being Ugly is a Lose-Lose Situation

  1. dozto001 says:

    All I have to say is media. Without the media, there could be some ground on this issue. Where can you find the attractive female, in magazines, internet or TV. It is no secret that the media is drowning our minds with all these beautiful women. It begins to cloud our judgement and says that we should be attractive to these type of women. it is not true for all, but if you ask any man his dream women would be, it would probably be a celebrity. Same goes for myself, but that is how males have been operating.

  2. andrewparkeriii says:

    I agree that society standards are very high with regards to physical attraction. This is because the media portrays this every day. I don’t disagree with this standard though because it is survival of the fittest and looks are a big part of finding the mate you want.

  3. loganmeyer says:

    Interesting article! The guy won the case? Insane. You see these “physical insecurities” in many different ways, even if it is something as minuscule as a female getting a pedicure or a manicure to make her nails look “pretty”. From a guys point of view, I really doubt many of us care about how someones nails look. It’s not going to make or break you.

    In choosing an ideal mate however, we typically weigh the risks/rewards or pros/cons of a certain mate before choosing to have offspring with someone. Those who are regarded as more beautiful will fair better and have more options in selecting a mate.

  4. afike001 says:

    @dozto001 and andrewparkeriii, media does play a huge role in society’s view on the standard s that are placed on people. It seems that in societies where media is more a part of everyday life, that standard that are placed on people are higher. @loganmeyer, the guy did win that case and I agree completely with you about the minuscule stuff. I will say that for those who are more aware about why and what we are doing, like choosing an ideal mate, we stop and think about it a little longer then the average person. There are people that do not step back and think about their actions but instead continue to feed into the expectations that are placed on them.

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