The pope gives God a two weeks’ notice

The head priest of the Roman Catholic church Pope Benedict the XVI shocked the world on Monday February the 10, 2013 as he announced his intention to step down as papal. The pope announcement to step down is the first in almost 600 years. The German native whose in 2005, became the oldest man to be elected pope in almost 300 years, will now become the first to resign since Gregory the XII IN 1415.

The Pope Benedict said in a statement before making his resignation official, “In other to carry on the job of the pope, both strength of mind and body are necessary, strength which is the last few months has deteriorated in me to the extent that I have had to recognize my incapacity to adequately fulfill ministry entrusted to me”.

The spoke person from the Vatican insisted that the pope had no current illness that would influence his decision to step down as pope.  The Vatican newspaper, L’Osservatore Romano, said, “The pope decision to step down he had made his mind since last year after a trips to Mexico and Cuban in March that left him seriously tired”.

The pope dramatic moved to step down will paves the way for a successor to be chosen by Easter. Whoever is to be named the next pope will inherit a church at a crossroads struggling will many obstacles and controversies ranging from sex abuse, money laundering and etc.

The victims of sex and child abuse scandals that started under Benedict’s reign blamed  the pope of failing to stand up to a  reactionary movement in the church to stop it from escalating. Norbert Denef, from Germany, who was abused as a little boy by his local priest for six years and was offered a monetary compensation by his diocesan bishop to keep quiet, said, “we won’t miss this pope”.

Before Benedict was elected as pope, the holy father  spent many years as a close adviser to his ailing predecessor, John Paul the II, whose health deteriorated with Parkinson’s disease and other ailment that left him severely debilitated should had been an example to influenced  pope Benedict thinking about the effect of infirmity on the papal office.

There are many questions that remain to be seen, also on the part of the pope himself, even if it is a decision that he had some time ago, Father Lombardi said, “how he will life afterward, which will be very different from now he lives now, will require time and tranquility and reflection and a moment of adaption to new situation”.

Even though the canonic code and the Apostolic Constitution of the Holy See regulate the decision to resign from papacy, the occurrence was rare enough to have caught Vatican officials off guard. The officials, Father Lombardi said, “will have to brush up on specific questions, like whether the pope’s papal ring, with which he seal important documents, will be destroyed, as is the case when a pope dies”.


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4 Responses to The pope gives God a two weeks’ notice

  1. As someone who grew up in the Catholic church but who no longer goes to mass I am still interested in the Vatican and follow events like these when they come up in the news. My opinion is that Benedict was set up as a fall guy, his job was to be the Pope that everyone blamed for the child abuse scandal. That’s because its not the case the the abuse went on while he was Pope, it had been going on for many, many years — rather it became public knowledge while he was Pope so people perceive it as his fault. Now that people do blame him and won’t miss him when he’s gone his job is done. This helps to preserve John Paul’s legacy. People think he’s a saint, when he’s the one who should probably shoulder more of the blame.

    Just my two cents.

    • vduku001 says:

      I think of agree with your premise that the scandals in the Catholic church had been going on long before Benedict even became pope however, I will like to underscore some point here. I strongly believe that Pope Benedict did not enough to stopped these acts as Pope. Even though it is fair to lament that the scandal was not Benedict fault, I also beleive that he was some share in it. The fact that he was elected as Pope, it was his solely job to put in place solutions and those find guilty to justice.

  2. Benedict’s papacy has been plagued by scandal. And no one would have noticed until the papacy captured the eye of the entire world following a few very famous works by author Dan Brown. I’ll be honest, I didn’t care until I read all about the Vatican in the mix of [some] fact and [mostly] fiction Brown wrote about. The whole cloud of secrecy surrounding the Vatican is intriguing. I agree, the Pope cited his health as a main reason for resigning. But isn’t it at least a LITTLE suspicious that he announced that NO ONE except him and his predecessor will see the results of the Vatican probe? I agree with Dr. Thompson to some degree, Benedict was sort of set up to fail. However, I think the child abuse allegations need to stem back further than just John Paul. It isn’t news that the church has been plagued with child abuse accusations for years. While the papacy may be responsible for the cover up…it’s more important to place blame on more regional oversights who failed, or offered up “hush money.” No matter how hard he tries, the Pope can’t oversee ALL of that, nor can we expect him to. Maybe it’s time the Church do a massive overhaul…

    • vduku001 says:

      I strongly agree with your premise when you mentioned that the Pope can not oversee all of the affairs that goes on in the Catholic church however, I will like to make some points here. Even though it is true that the Pope can not oversee all of the affairs, I also believe that as a Pope, you are in a leardership position most especially when it comes to the Catholic church the world’s largest religion with over 1.2 billions of people. I also think that the Pope Benedict did not do a good job as Pope. During his papacy, I can not record if there was a single case that the vatican solved in terms of those who were accused of child abuse and so no. No matter if the Pope Benedict resigned beacuse of advance age or health reason, I think that this legacy as pope will not go down as John Paul.

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