Tag Team, Off The Rope!

Ladies, how many times have you been standing in a grocery store aisle indecisively deliberating possible choices between coffee, peanut butter, or cleaning supplies? I don’t know about ya’ll, but I do it all the time and sometimes go as far as sexually fantasizing in the moment. It makes choosing so much easier. Not really.
Yea, this is how household products get marketed towards American women; because we’re all sexually frustrated soccer moms, fantasizing about burly plumber tagteams. Eeww. (Make it a kilted Highlander and a U.S. soldier in battle gear and I would be the first one off the ropes though.)

This commercial is great! Possibly insulting, but calm down, pop a Xanax and appreciate the humor. It’s brilliant and hilarious. Since I watched this at the gym this morning all I can think about is snaking my pipe.

“Liquid Plummr Double Impact.” “Double impact,” frazzled soccer mom repeats, appearing to be momentarily affronted before almost instantaneously going off into a frenzy of naughty thoughts. Plumber 1 knocks on the door, “I’m here to snake your drain.” Plumber 2 directly follows, “I’m here to flush your pipe.”

Is this really a woman’s idea of sexy good times or what some dude perceives a woman’s sexy good times would be, if he was a woman? Remember stranger danger? Let’s just go along with it.

She responds with a timid o.k. and this weird creaking sound(mating call?) as she slams the door shut. She shakes her hair out and a chunk gets caught on her lip gloss-I hate it when that happens-and heads upstairs. Fast forward to lady, flanked on each side by plumbers, hovering around a clogged sink. Notice the men are standing idly by, doing a whole bunch of nothing except looking hot. Their job is to be pretty. This is her fantasy and soccer mom is “snaking” her own drain.

Exactly as in masturbation, you too are capable of fixing problems all by yourself as long as you’re equipped with the right tools; in this instance Liquid Plummr Double Impact, complete with a “long snake to grab deep clogs and a powerful gel to finish off the rest baby.”

She comes back to herself in the grocery aisle, suddenly aware she’s being watched by hot deli guy slicing meat and produce boy gripping and sniffing melons, and scurries away with not one, but two bottles of Liquid Plummr Double Impact.

In my opinion, although the scenario is a masculine attempt at depicting female sexual fantasy, the marketing strategy worked on my demographic- mid to late thirties frazzled mom’s with a sense of humor and some frustration, though mostly not sexual. From this day forward I will only purchase LPDI for all my pipe clearing issues and pray in the moment that the soldier and Highlander show up with a bottle of tequila and feed me shots while idly standing by, letting me save my own day.


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5 Responses to Tag Team, Off The Rope!

  1. Jessica says:

    This is great!! this commercial is definitely targeting those lonely soccer moms. Hilarious commercial with witty commentary. Fabulous job shannon!!

  2. Erin says:

    Love it! Super funny and well written. I especially like how you ended it, tequila and plumbers works for me ;-)

  3. This is one of my favorite commercials lol! if i was up tight maybe it might offend me but it gets me everytime! Its funny , you dont see a man in the commercial looking at leaning supplies thinking hmm which one should I get smh ( but thats another topic). It is clearly geared towards women. I am not sure why and maybe the reason is becuse I think the men in this commercial are attractive (which im sure is what they were going for) but this commercial does it for me. They geared it towards me they got me.lol

    • This is exactly how I feel! The commercial “does it” for me too, although I would switch up the characters.lol It’s hilarious and it worked because I really will buy this stuff if I have any drain issues.

  4. Yes! Love this commercial. My take on it is here.

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