Weightlifting and Physical Attraction

There is a societal stereotype that guys who are always in the gym lifting heavy weights are viewed as bodybuilding brutes who make love to themselves secretly in front of a mirror.  Some view them as homosexuals who are narcissistic and have insecurity problems.  Although there are a few exceptions, this statement is mostly false.

Weightlifting provides many benefits for overall wellness.  Many guys lift weights in order to attract a potential female mate.  A male weightlifter looking for a female mate, sends a positive signal to women by showing them that he has good quality genes and is physically strong.  Also, it shows that he can be a security blanket for the woman and her potential kin or offspring.  

As one grows older, things such as careers and income status often become harder to change.  This limits the amount of things a guy can change in order to improve his chances of selecting his potential mate.  One characteristic that than can be changed is physical appearance and body structure.  This is done by lifting weights and improving cardiovascular function at the gym.  For example, two males who share the same career will have to look to other ways such as body appearance to sway the female into believing that he is the alpha male, has the dominant genes, and should be the one she mates with.  Improved general health and an aesthetically pleasing physique will often give one male a better opportunity to find a mate than one who is not into fitness.

Being fit also allows a higher mating potential because he is more respected by his peers because of a good athletic control of his body.  In a way, the male is subconsciously saying “hey look at me, I have an improved physical physique because I care about looking good so you should choose me to mate with”.  It’s not so much about the muscles, but the signal the guy sends by showing women he is trying to one-up another male by proving to have dominate genes.

There is however, a way to “over-do” the weightlifting and physical appearance.  There has been much debate by women on the “ideal” physique for men.  Most girls prefer a slim-athletic build for her male mate, rather than a humongous bodybuilding lunk.  A happy medium needs to be found.  Ladies, which physique do you prefer?

The gym also serves a positive role in the development of social behavior.  A guy who has a poor “social-game” when trying to pickup a female for mating, can still earn points by looking better or having an improved physique.  In other words, it makes ugly people somewhat better looking.  Also, it will improve his social status by giving him a higher confidence level which might help step-up his game spitting skills.

A prime example of physical attraction is shown in celebrity photos.  We believe these celebrities to have beautiful bodies and would dream about mating with them.  We idolize them based on physical appearance without regards to personality traits.

The gym is important for both sexes.  Guys and girls can both enjoy the physical changes to their bodies and will more often than not, increase their level of attractiveness.

Besides the hype about the stereotypical narcissistic gym meat-head…who doesn’t like to look good naked?


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4 Responses to Weightlifting and Physical Attraction

  1. I can completely agree with this. When thinking and looking into what exactly is happening a little deeper it is easy to see the connection with finding a mate. Let’s face it appearance does matter, it is the first thing that you notice about a person (something in their appearance). There has to be something to catch your eye to attract you to that person and in the case of a well physically fit person it might be his muscles. As you pointed out as individuals get older the hunt for a mate gets a slim with all the competition between well-established guys, guys not so established, younger males and more attractive males. Being physically fit may help increase the chances of a woman looking there way and the chances of that man snagging her, which will increase the possibility of the ultimate goal reproduction or marriage.

  2. efretz90 says:

    I agree with the fact that males are simple and the “one-upping” of another gives a male some sort of esteem boost, lord knows we all need one once in a while. I don’t necessarily think that men lift weights for only the want of a women though, I mean obviously thats an aspect to what might motivate a man, but cannot be the only reason. Unless you already have a woman who is now complaining about what you used to be and she wants back, or what you could be with a little work. There is so many more factors for me personally, and thats definitely what was mentioned earlier about health factors, and I also agree about maybe the man himself having some insecurities about his appearance that he is attempting to try to change, and the simple fact that respect from peers and recognition may be some of the bigger reasons. Most woman I have talked to about body type, seem to like the toned long and lean type of look rather than the meat head type, but women do love some muscles, that doesn’t seem to change between them all. One thing is for sure, working out for a fact will improve your chances with a mate if you are physically fit than if you are not, especially if your “game-spitting skills” aren’t right, even though now-a-days the really skinny “swag” kids are getting a lot of love as well as the “rick ross” big belly boys, so truly “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”.

  3. I think some people put too much emphasis on looks when it comes to relationships and so they are disappointed in the long run when they discover that their relationship with the person they are attracted to is superficial.

    We all look the same with the lights turned out.

    • loganmeyer says:

      I definitely agree with you that people are disappointed when people age or beauty is “wiped off” when the cosmetics come off.

      I like that witty comment at the end :D its so true.

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