How do we see ourselves as Women



The image above is a dove advertisement.  In this picture, it shows all different types of body shapes and sizes of women.  They are campaigning that all women are beautiful and it does not matter what their body type is.

Women are naturally all different sizes, short, tall, skinny, and shapely.  Many things that we see in the media that are targeting women, show women who are tall, very slim (most likely a size zero), and their ribs are visible.  They portray that having that body type is the definition of beautiful.  It is true that some women may naturally look like that but many females don’t.  Because this has been defined as beautiful, some females do whatever it takes to make themselves look more like the models that the social media uses.  Some women even go to means of becoming anorexic and bulimic because they feel bad about the way they look.  This has a negative impact on a lot of young girls self-esteem.

All women are beautiful.  Women should want to take care of their body and be healthy, but they should not have to feel bad about how they look because they are not a size zero.  There are plenty of women who are just naturally curvy or naturally skinny.  They were made that way so we should not be putting them down because of that.


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  1. I think the Dove campaign is actually kind of weird. On the one hand you have all these other advertizements showing skinny women, like you say. But the Dove campaign is still an advertizement, the whole purpose of which is to get you to buy Dove soap. It’s like Dove is saying, “Don’t trust advertizements” but it is itself just another advertizement.

    So actually they have the same purpose, get people to spend their money.

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