Not so “stereotypical”

According to Yahoo’s CEO Marissa Mayer, she has decided to not allow her staffers work from home any longer. She has requested if they would like to keep their job, they have to show up to the office everyday like she does. This is causing an outrage because a lot of her employees are working mothers, who would rather enjoy working from home with comfort knowing they aren’t far from their children. Some say that this is her way of a layoff to weed out the unproductive workers, but didn’t want to pay the layoff costs.

Although she is a new mother herself, she didn’t let her pregnancy get in the way of her work. She accepted the very demanding job of being Yahoo’s CEO when she was five months pregnant. Before her found son arrived, she had nursery built next to her office so she was able to still work and care for her child. She returned back from maturity leave after only being out of the office for two weeks. As a woman myself, I see how many people would be on the fence about Mayer’s decision. Many staffers, mainly women have expressed the outrage of having to hire babysitters and now commute to work on those days that used to be spent at home. Some say that she isn’t as understanding as most women would be at her position.

Now working moms are in an uproar because they believe that Mayer is setting them back by taking away their flexible working arrangements that they have come to adapt to. Many view telecommuting as the only way time-crunched women can care for young children and advance their careers without the pay, privilege or perks that come with being the chief executive of a Fortune 500 company. Many even agree that Mayer’s is not the perfect role model for the job and especially now after her decision.

What may have fueled her decision is that fact that Mayer disproved of the Yahoo parking lot slow to fill up in the morning and quickly emptying up after five o’clock. She didn’t feel like her staffers were doing their highest potential due to the days knowing that they could be spent at home. This is an interesting article and very atypical to alot of society today!

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  1. Notice the fact she, as the CEO, had a nursery built onto her office? Now it’s convenient for her to work, home away from home. Maybe she could implement an office daycare that would provide for her employees the way she provided for herself. Just a thought.

  2. Ugh, this is so wrong. It is bizarre how invisible privilege can become to those who take it for granted.

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