What Women Want….. Just as Bad!

Both men and women participate in sex. It can be obvious that men vocalize their desire for sex more. However, is it obvious that women vocalize their desire for sex just as much as men do? Maybe, women vocalize their desire for sex defferently.

The “Rude Boy” video below is from one of biggest international sex symbol Rihanna. As you watch the video you will notice how her words my not seem too sexual, but the context she uses says sex all over the video.

Men are definitely more graphic and explicit when it comes to sexual desire. Women, like Rihanna, sometimes show their sexual desire though seductive dancing, as seen in Rude Boy. Her form fitting clothing emphasizes her womanly curves, which is suggestive in itself. She doesn’t outright admit to sexual desire but lyrics such as “can you get it up, is you big enough” “tonight I’m gonna let you be the captain” “I’m gonna let you take me higher” “give it to me baby like boom boom boom” illustrate her desire to explore sex


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  1. Rihanna is my favorite of the modern divas. I don’t own any of her songs, but when she comes on the radio I don’t change the channel.

    What really stands out in the lyrics, for me, is that line “Tonight I’m gonna let you be the captain.” This epitomizes a strong, feminist sexuality because it emphasizes the agency of the woman. She is surrendering, sexually, to her man but only because she is deciding to do so. The man gets to be dominant this time, but next time… maybe not.

    You get that same sentiment too in this track from Robyn where she sings, “Good girls are sexy like everyday, I’m only sexy when I say its okay.” This is what social theorists refer to as agency. The woman is making the choice without coercion, in this case it is not to make her man happy but to make herself happy.

  2. dbask005 says:

    I must agree and think you did an great job covering this topic. However what would you argue of female rappers expressing their sexual wants as if they were a male artis

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