Women in the Millitary

Recently Defense Secretary Leon Panetta along with Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Martin Dempsey has lifted a ban in January that will allow women to formally and officially serve in combat roles in the Military.  This will open up new jobs for women in the military on the front lines, and potentially in elite commando roles.  The U.S. Military will have until January 2016 to come up with special exceptions to the rule.  This would be around 14,500 combat positions or 230,000 jobs that would be opened up to women. 

This new opportunity for women will be a great accomplishment in our Military.  I currently have a lot of friends in the Military, and I have heard them voice their opinions about the situation.  The majority of their opinions have be focused around the idea that women don’t belong in combat.  When I hear this all I can think of is well damn man I’m sure a lot of people don’t belong in combat.  I sure as hell wouldn’t ever belong in combat.  I’ve known a lot of strong women in my life, and I believe that there are females out there with the correct mental and physical strength it takes to be in combat.  Not many individuals go looking for dangerous jobs such as serving on the front lines, and anyone that wants this job should be allowed to go for it.

We have spent over the last 10 years fighting an unpopular war that has cost too many American lives.  Personally I have never supported the war, but that doesn’t mean that I believe we shouldn’t support the young American men and women who are put in harm’s way on a daily basis.  Too many young men have been placed in combat too many times.  We are going to have a whole generation of veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan that will need medical assistance for injuries sustained in the Iraq and Afghanistan War.  There is going to be a lot of amputees and veterans who need help with PTSD in the next 10 years.  If woman want to be in combat let them.  We don’t have a draft, and our military is 100% voluntary.  We need all who wish to volunteer so the weight placed on veterans who are doing 6 or 8 tours is less.  These veterans are doing too many tour because of the lack of volunteers.  Women will help alleviate this burden.

I could understand restrictions here and there for certain situations in the military.  It would probably be difficult to gain support to allow women in the Navy Seals or Army Rangers, and this probably will not happen in the next ten years.

Women are just as capable as men to fight once properly trained.  There are just as dangerous behind a trigger when they have the experience and training that is offered in the military.  Other countries such as South Korea, Denmark, France, Germany, Australia, Canada, and Israel send woman to combat.

Women In Combat

Here is the opinion of Nicky Vale a Marine who has been in combat before…

“There are many valid arguments against allowing women entrance into the Infantry, but arguing over whether or not women should be allowed into the Infantry completely misses the entire point of what Sec. Panetta’s decision actually accomplishes. For starters, the “ban” on women in combat isn’t about the Infantry–since military branches are allowed to file for exceptions, it is quite possible and even likely these jobs will remain closed off to women. The term “combat” encompasses a huge range of jobs and positions that go way beyond Infantry, and women have been filling those jobs and have been put in those positions for the last decade. What the Secretary’s decision does, effectively, is recognize the role women have already been playing for the last 10 years.”

Woman have already been place in combat and around combat during the war in Iraq and Afganastan, and have shown that they want to be in these strenous situations.  So there should be no restrictions upon letting them serve in these situations.  Especially when considering the fact that very few individuals would want to be placed in these dangerous situations, and the brave individuals that have been fighting in these situations over the last ten years have done enough.

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  1. What do you think is the main issue behind this attitude that women don’t belong in combat? Why do you think that such a situation seems inappropriate to some people?

  2. bmcca019 says:

    I am glad that women can join in the combat in the military now. The evolution of women in the military has definitely progressed. They went from sitting at home taking care of the kids, keeping the kids healthy, and stressing on the return of their husbands. Then moved on to working as care givers and nurses to now enlisting into the military. Though women could enlist in the military they were still restricted to certain jobs. However, now that women are just as equal as men are they should be able to partake in the same jobs as men.

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