Dunk Contest – Kobe or LeBron?

As any NBA fanatic will tell you, there has been a lot of hype and pressure brought upon two of the most dominant NBA players in the game today. Kobe Bryant from the Los Angeles Lakers has been a stunning player, being able to carry his team on his back in times of despair. Then there is LeBron James. James has recently been in compared with Bryant and even Michael Jordan when arguing who the better player is. Only a year after winning the 2012 NBA Championship, his talent and extraordinary ball skills have led him and his team to be second time contenders for these upcoming playoffs. Kobe and LeBron both prove to possess the power and strength to bring each of their teams to the playoffs, and even the Championship.

Recently, both players were offered a hefty amount of cash if either were to enter the 2013 Dunk Contest. A few weeks ago, Michigan State legend and 5-time NBA Champion for the Los Angeles Lakers – Earvin “Magic” Johnson offered LeBron James $1,000,000 to enter the contest. After weeks of hype and debate, Sex.com put up a $5,000,000 offer to Kobe Bryant to enter under the conditional circumstance that LeBron James must accept Johnson’s offer as well. Imagine that, two extremely talented players basketball players who get paid millions of dollars a year are offered to demonstrate their creativity and talent on the court in front of thousands of people.

Im not buying it. Sure, it would be nice to see both players go head to head in demonstrating who the more dominant player is. However, I do not expect Johnson to hear from James anytime soon, nor Sex.com from Kobe. Each of these players came into this season focused on one thing, and that is to get their team to the NBA Championship. As their coaches and any sensible person would imply, they should not lose their focus on that main objective. These players are so highly paid because they provide something to their team and city – dedication and hard work. A few million dollars to them would not outweigh the benefits of succeeding a championship title.

There will always remain the argument of who is a better player, so I leave these two videos for you to check-out and create your own decision on whether a dunk contest is necessary to determine dominant talent.



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  1. mziar001 says:

    Michael Jordan: Greatest basketball player of all time on and off the floor!

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