Lauren Silberman Becomes the First Female to Participate in the NFL Regional Combine

I was instantly intrigued when I read this article and thought that the possibility of a female field goal kicker in the NFL wasn’t too far fetched, even though her chances of making an NFL team were cited as nonexistent.  Katie Hnida, already became the first female to play and score a field goal for a Division I-AA football team; The New Mexico Lobos.    

Lauren Silberman, at 28 year-old female, was the first women in history to register for the NFL regional combine.  She was to compete against male college kickers in New Jersey on March 2 and 3 for a chance to advance to the super-regional combine in April.  Despite her limited experience, she registered for the combine and was able to compete.  Silberman was a club soccer player at the University of Wisconsin with no football experience and claimed she learned a lot from video games.  A video on Youtube  of her kicking at an indoor football complex revealed her ability.

Prior to the start of the combine, Silberman did not take any practice kicks and instead stretched and jogged.  When it came time for her kicks, she kicked less than 20 yards but explained she had a quadricep injury.  With three more attempts and five field goals left, the trainers determined that she shouldn’t continue due to the likelihood of re-aggravating her injury (Regional Combine).

Click image for report.

Click image for report.

Silberman claimed to have set a visual model of that of a woman in a role that one may have never perceived.  However, do you feel that it was a publicity stunt and how does her performance affect future womens’ prospects for competing in the NFL?  Needless to say, this probably won’t be the last time we see females competing at a regional combine .


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3 Responses to Lauren Silberman Becomes the First Female to Participate in the NFL Regional Combine

  1. ctayl059 says:

    It’s interesting to see how much media attention this gained just because she was a female. And on top of that, most reporters and news outlets painted the tryout as a joke and more of a publicity stunt than anything. Is it because she failed or because she was a women? I guess we wont know until a female succeeds in the NFL.

  2. Wasn’t it just last season, during the replacement ref period, that we had a female ref in an NFL game? I’m convinced that in our lifetimes we’ll see the NFL transform radically and the driving force will be money. If the owners think they can make a mint on female players they’ll do it.

    • mziar001 says:

      Yes, there are also countless female reports and analysts. In addition, there is also a female referee for the Ultimate Fighting Championship. I do think that there will at some point be a female player at the professional level as a punter/kicker. However, I have doubts about females playing other positions due female anatomy.

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