Under the Mistletoe

A few students at Boston University go around trying a survey that goes against our social norms. They go up to people in their university library and act like they are asking  a normal survey. The students ask people questions around Christmas time and ask them how they feel about the tradition of the mistletoe and if they abide by the traditions of it. Whatever their answer may be, the survey takers have a partner upstairs ready to drop a mistletoe to see if they back up their answer of yes or to see if they go against their answer of no.

At the very beginning of the video the survey takers are asking completely normal questions until it leads up to the mistletoe question. After the surveyor answers the question, they drop the mistletoe and watch what people’s reaction is to something out of the norm, kissing a complete stranger. The video starts off with the girl getting a kiss from a random guy and he seems happy, but the guy who asks a girl for the first time gets a very different result. He asks the girl if she will then closes his eyes to see what will happen, the girl slapped him hard in the face and ran away. This is in a pubic library so the slap in the face is brutal by making everyone experience it  and making it more embarrassing for everyone, although the guy does takes it very well and plays it off. Is this acceptable behavior for the girl to slap him just because he asked if she will kiss him under the mistletoe? What if the girl asked one guy in the video and she got slapped as a result of it? The latter would be considered extremely unacceptable behavior but since it was a female who did the slapping it was not frowned upon as much.

Besides the girl slapping the guy in the survey there have been very lopsided results between the male asking for a kiss and the female asking for one. When the female gets to the mistletoe part of the survey it seems as if the guys are a bit hesitant to kiss because it seems as if it is too good to be true or as if it is a trap of some sort. At one point of the video a guy asks if the girl will lead into the kiss first, but she says she thinks its a male instigator thing. this part in our society is true in that the male should instigate everything and for a girl to do it first would be outside the norm. When the male asks most of the females, they seem hesitant for an entirely different reason. The female survey takers act as if the guy is trying to steal a kiss from them by being clever or sneaky. One girl even says he was really sneaky about 5 times in a row.  It is really easy to say that it is easier for a female to ask a kiss from a male in public than it is for a male to ask a female. To see this in action  and watch the results is really interesting from a sociological perspective.

This survey was especially insightful because it showed people of different ages and not just the students on campus. Most everyone who participated in the survey was very courteous and genuine. Even the older ladies who participated were very nice and thought the idea was funny. All in all, this was a very lighthearted survey that cheered many people up during the holidays while receiving intriguing  results that showed the differences in our society between females and males.

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2 Responses to Under the Mistletoe

  1. So, I gotta know. What is the point of this survey? Just see what happens? The whole thing strikes me as weird because a survey is supposed to be a scientific instrument, which means its a part of some larger study framed around assumptions and a hypothesis. I wonder if these students are really trying to test something legitimate, or if they’re just going for their fifteen minutes of Internet fame?

  2. bbarr007 says:

    I found this post to be quite comical and while the scientific legitemacy may be in question I think that this video series did a great job of examining how different genders react to a social tradition. Even under the context of a social traditon when it might be acceptable for such an abroupt public display of affection with a complete stranger the women were more likely to be against it. The men however jumped at the oppertunity once they had determined it wasn’t a trap. As a man in that situation I believe I would follow the traditon and kiss the stranger. Inherantly I believe men are much more open to these kind of things. Perhaps women are much more hesitant due to social stigmas about women being “easy” which don’t appy to men nearly as easily. I enjoyed the post and found it thought invoking.

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