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For all who are into sports, MMA fighting has slowly become the new boxing. People all around the nation tune in on fight night to see two opponents go head to head in one of the most competitive, physical combat fights you will ever come across. For anyone who keeps up with the intense contact sport, you are well aware of big name fighters such as Brock Lesnar, Chuck Liddell, Quinton Jackson, and Anderson Silva. These men have all established their name and credibility in MMA fighting throughout various weight classes, but notice that they are all men? One may think that due to the intensity of this sport, women would not be allowed to participate in such a “beastly” experience. However, one woman fighter made public headline news the other week for more than just building up the courage to battle against other women.

Fallon Fox recently came out that HE had a surgery that would change his life forever. No you did not misread that previous remark. Through sex reassignment surgery, Fox changed his whole appearance and gender – and began to train for mixed martial arts fighting. After wining her first two bouts in the ring, Fox made it known to the public that she is the first transgender MMA fighter. After interviewing with Sports Illustrated she exclaimed that the outcome and reaction from fans and other media have been nothing but “positive.”

As most people would infer, multiple red flags should go flying up after such thing is revealed. Are Fox’s wins morally acceptable? Should the bouts have been void since there was clearly an advantaged in Fox’s favor? Most of these questions are under speculation by legal authorities, where opponents who have lost to Fox are appealing the losses due to lack of this operation being disclosed to opponents.

A transgender fighter in the world of MMA fighting, huh? I think what Fallon Fox did here was amazing. Transgender individuals are slowly becoming more prevalent to the world around us. What many fail to accept is, who these individuals really are. Society seems to believe that because one is willing to change their gender from male to female, or vice versa, they should be frowned upon. Blasphemy! These people are human beings, such as you, you, you, you, and….you! If one can look past the concept of a little sex reassignment surgery and find the value behind accepting transgenders in our world today, the world can become a much more pleasant place with less unnecessary discrimination.

Here’s Fallon Fox in an emotional interview explaining how she has accepted who she is now, and how it will not hold her back from training for future MMA bouts.


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