Make Me A Sandwich?

Everyone has heard the joke, “Woman, make me a sandwich!”, whether it was directed toward them, they said it, or just they heard it. I hear it all the time, and usually there is always the same response, “yeah, okay…”, usually though, no one makes anyone a sandwich. I never really thought about it too much though, if some one ever said it to me I would just laugh and say no. The other day however I stumbled across an article about the joke. After reading it, I began to think about the joke a little more.

In the article, a woman is initially responding to seeing a Facebook group about girls making a sandwich for a guy. At first she didn’t really care, but as she read more into it she started to understand why it is so wrong. As I read the article, I too agreed with some of the issues she pointed out about this seemingly harmless joke. One of the concerns that she points out that I found most valid was that all jokes are usually based on some truth. The truth behind that fact kind of stopped me, because we all know the where the stereotype comes from: the traditional role of women being the caretakers and working in the home as a wife and mother. From that, it can be seen as a lack of equality as she points out.


After reading the rest of her arguments I was more convinced at how terrible it was that most people used this joke frequently and so nonchalantly. Not only is this joke harped on in most groups of friends, but it is also seen all over the media; memestelevision shows and youtube videos.

As I looked at some youtube videos, I saw many of the same things; a male and female arguing and the male telling the female to make him a sandwich. I did come across a video however that did not stick to this basic outline. The video featured two guys just hanging out, and one of them asks the other to make him a sandwich.  This video is clearly terrible, but I found it interesting because it is not the normal form of the original joke. The video breaks the stereotype of men. According to almost every other joke, men do not make sandwiches, it is beneath them.

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3 Responses to Make Me A Sandwich?

  1. Bryce says:

    I think we have all heard this catch phrase. While at first it is easy to brush this off as a simple joke I can see the deeper meanings. While the people who use it might not have actual misogynistic intentions it still represents a deeper negative meaning. Even in the modern joke context it is still used to put someone (a woman) in her place in the kitchen making the man food. I myself have used this phrase a few times jokingly with friends with best of intentions but I may have inadvertently been furthering a misogynistic phrase. On a brighter note I can also see the other side of this in how it is evolving past a degrading thing to say to a woman and is just us making a joke at a serious cultural issue. Maybe it is a sign that we are improving as a people cause now we see such misogynistic views as funny, they are a joke an nothing more.

    • ahowa015 says:

      I definitely agree with that too. I think sometimes it can be taken out of context, However other times it is harmless. It really depends on the how the person is saying and who they are saying it to.

  2. mchap016 says:

    I agree sometimes it is deemed as just a harmless joke, but it could also be depicted as a sexist comment. Traditional views of patriarchy are depicted throughout history. Women were only viewed as domestic goddesses that were subordinate to men who are the heads of the household and the financial earners. Women are still depicted in the media to be stay at home mom, cleaning the house, and preparing dinner for their family. If you look at ads containing Mr Clean one always sees a women being the focus of the target market and sees them depicted cleaning up the mess with the magic erase sponge. Tons of ads are still out in media demoralizing and sexually personifying women. So this “go make me a sandwich” can be depicted as harmless, however, it really stems from a deeper root of past patriarchal context.

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