Switching Roles

For a long time, a stereotypical family was a stay at home mom who took care of the house and children.  The men, would go out to work and were the “moneymakers” and would come home to a cooked meal by the wife.  This was the norm for a long time until something changed.Image

What else made this norm shift besides the obvious?  Now, in more current times, in families some women still are stay at home moms, women and men both work, or even the men becoming stay at home dads.  Have the roles of a wife/mother and a husband/dad really switched?  Or is it that our society has become more flexible with the idea of one gender being able to take over the other gender’s role and/or responsibilities?


In my family, both of my parents work.  My father, however, is the one who took me to and from school, washed the dishes, prepared the meals for our family, and took me everywhere I needed to go.  Together, my parents worked together as a unit to get things done and did what was necessary even if the job was usually done by the other.  This personal example shows that parents these days do what needs to get done and work on equal terms and that there really isn’t such a thing as division labor between couples anymore.


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  1. This is a really important topic for me because my wife is the breadwinner in our family and I do a lot of the childcare. One thing that I will be interested to see in the generations to come is whether these changes in household economics start to have some impact on our identities. That is to say will men start to think of themselves as men differently than they have in the past? Or what about women? Will changes in economy be reflected in changes in identity?

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