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Home Economies in Time

There are many different types of households or home economies from all different types of cultures.  I am going to focus on three ages and try to stay to a similar culture and explain how I perceive the home economics.  … Continue reading

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Battle of Genders – Men vs. Women

Which gender has the upper-hand? I’ve always been proud to be a man; to know I dont have to deal with pregnancy, periods, and everything else that comes along with being a woman just feels like I won out. But what woman … Continue reading

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Media and Society

Media and Society Magazines exhibiting the latest models, television ads telling you what products to buy to make yourself look better, young girls making actresses their role models. Media plays a central role in depicting how one should look to … Continue reading

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The Gay Marriage War

Recently I noticed an abundance of = marks as my friends profile pictures on Facebook.  These were in response to the US Supreme Court Hearing on the Defense of Marriage Act, DOMA, and Proposition 8.  No matter what your opinion … Continue reading

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Inequality in the Workforce: WNBA vs NBA

Recently owner of the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks went on to say that given the opportunity he would draft in the upcoming NBA Draft Britney Griner. During the draft, athletes who played in college can enter with a chance to play … Continue reading

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Should women in the Catholic Church be allowed to vote for a pope?

Should Women in Catholic Church be allowed to Vote for Pope There are about 1.2 billion Catholic worldwide and women counts approximately about  600 million which is about 62 percentages and thus, none of these women will have a direct … Continue reading

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Ballin’ For Equality

Since the founding of their individual leagues, all of Americas top tier professional sports have been separated by sex.  While this may not be a product of specific rules, it has certainly become the norm to see men and women … Continue reading

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