Women In The Trenches of Gun Debates

Why are women now more than ever stepping out in front of gun talks, on both sides of the argument? According to the article I read “The gun lobby, meanwhile, is using women to create a gentler image of the male-dominated industry and to frame its status-quo agenda as more about family safety and self-protection than about hunting and aggression. When CNN aired a town hall forum on gun violence last week, both of the pro-gun panelists were women.” 

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“From the NRA’s point of view, they need to make sure that this doesn’t turn into a dynamic where women are demanding change, and it’s a bunch of men standing in the way,” were the thoughts of Matt Bennett, a senior vice president at Third Way, a centrist think tank that backs gun-control measures. I think that this is probably one of the main driving forces that almost forced the NRA in defense of gun control to acquire a women spokesperson. It makes perfect sense and I can only imagine a room full of men counselors advising NRA president David Keene to make this move in getting a women spokesperson to take the spotlight on this issue. But beside the politics,

I think according to the newtown massacre where all the adults that were injured or killed were women, is an interesting point to look at. But also I think that moms are simply concerned for their children now more than ever, and some want guns to be banned because of this and other mothers want to go out and by guns to protect themselves from criminals who might try to attack them with a gun. Because “Unlike men, who may be viewed as having this self-interest of maintaining their guns for sport or as a form of aggression, women are seen as purely concerned about self-protection and safety,” said James Alan Fox, a professor of criminology, law and public policy at Northeastern University.

Also the fact that Dan Gross, the president of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence has said “To the extent that, as the president has said, the only way we’re going to create change is if the American people demand it, the voices of women and mothers in the safety of our nation have to be among the most important voices,” this in itself I believe will get American mothers/women out of the house, and out in the street to make some noise

I found it very interesting that in the fight against the automatic ban a women named Aubrey Blankenship, a spokeswoman for American Majority Action, a conservative group, appeals to her inadequacies in maybe handling weapons and voices her want of a weapon like an AR-15 that said said can be a woman’s best friend, “My goal with defending myself is to hit my target, and the AR-15 gives me the ability to do this. .”

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And I don’t think that I heard a better argument that the one that the NRA President David Keene repeatedly has voiced of his daughter, an Army reservist, also in defense of the AR-15 rifle. “He said it is the closest weapon available for civilian purchase to the one many are trained on in the military. She can tear it apart with her eyes closed, and she can clean it, and she likes to go to the range and shoot it,”. Which brings up an excellent point, these are so similar to the weapons that the army trains with, that she knows it in and out, and obviously offers a level of support in a desperate time of need. As well as offers the intimidation factors, that might even lead to the diffusing of a situation and not even having to use the weapon at all.


Both sides of gun control issue turn to women as spokespeople and symbols, by Phillip Rucker


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3 Responses to Women In The Trenches of Gun Debates

  1. Kyle Kirby says:

    The reason for the need of the opposite gender in the discussion is the fact that females are usually not represented in these sorts of debates. With women affecting both sides of the discussions there will be a stronger representation of gun lover’s and hater’s.

  2. Great post on the symbolic role of gender in the ongoing gun debate! You can almost see how a structural anthropologist like Levi-Strauss could interpret this as men using women as tokens in a debate among themselves. On the one hand, you have women as the victims and mothers of victims of gun violence. All the kids who died in the Sandy Hook massacre had fathers too, but the mother is a more powerful symbol. Then on the other hand you have women as needing guns to protect themselves. And who doesn’t want women to be safe? Both traffic in the imagined vulnerability of women but they’re using that for different ends.

    • efretz90 says:

      Exactly, men are using women as tokens in this debate! And I agree with you 110% women are truly the more powerful symbol, especially when it comes to children and the love and connection they share with each other, its just natural and understandable. Which I thought it was interesting to pose both sides of the argument protection from others with guns, and protection using guns against others. I just really think that the President of the NRA pulled a good move on this one, to fight this battle with a women as spokesperson, given the other side of the argument with the offensive being put forth by a woman, genius strategy.

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