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Recently the Supreme Court heard arguments for and against gay and lesbian marriage in a ruling involving California’s move toward allowing gay marriage and the recent ban placed against same-sex marriage within the state. The Supreme Court, in a recent ruling, declared that California’s Proposition 8 was unconstitutional. Proposition 8, for those that are unaware, is the California ballet that banned marriage within the state that was not between a man and a women. A ruling that is now being challenged, along with the questionable Defense of Marriage Act. Among the states disallowing these kind of marriages, California is just an example and focus of media attention.

“The federal law, known by the shorthand DOMA, defines marriage as the union of a man and a woman and therefore keeps legally married gay Americans from collecting a range of federal benefits that generally are available to married people.” (Sherman)

In May of 2012, Obama stated that he favored same-sex marriages. Many along the lines of the same opinion took this as presidential support for their plight against the the discrimination of gay couples within the constitution. These same people hoped to take this a hopeful sign that marriage between gay and lesbian couples would soon be legalized within the boarders of the United States. However, Obama mentioned that while he would not defend the Defense of Marriage Act, he was not actively seeking the means of legalizing same-sex marriages. Obama went on to say that the matter is best decided by the states in the next term. This is not exactly was same-sex marriage supporters want to hear, but it is hopeful nonetheless.

Bringing the topic back to California’s Proposition 8, if the Supreme Court rules to uphold this proposition as constitutional than it will ban same sex marriage within the state. It will also set this example with every other state that is currently not allowing same sex marriage.  However, if the Supreme Court rules against the preposition 8 it will invalidate a voted majority anti-gay marriage ban within the state of California. From there, this ruling could either have a domino effect which effects other states in the country, or it will effect only California until other similar rulings are brought into question.


As a proud parent of a beautiful, intelligent, motivated daughter who also happens to be a lesbian, I believe that its difficult enough to find someone who you want to share the rest of your life with. Why should it matter if that person happens to be the same sex? For years the general public has known that ceremonies such as marriage are happening among individuals among the same sex even if the state refuses to recognize these marriages under the current shape of the constitution.

Every couple should be able to enjoy the social, emotional, and financial benefits associated with marriage. I approve of the retirement of any act, current or future, that would seek to unreasonably effect the person lives of minority individuals. Same sex marriage should not only be allowed, but it should also reap the same benefits as marriages between a man and a women. Being a homosexual doesn’t make you less of an American, let alone less of a person.


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  1. I think one of sleeper issues in the public debate over gay marriage is that the institution of marriage serves an important function in the creation of heterosexual identities. It’s a primary way that straight people say something about themselves that society recognizes makes them different from queer people. So there’s this anxiety that if that goes away, straight people will have to acknowledge that there is literally no difference between them and people with different sexualities.

    • dbuhr002 says:

      Wouldn’t it be a wonderful world to live in if, we could just see people for who they are and agree that each of us have the right to be different.

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