Men ≠ Cross Dressing

Cross Dressing is the act of wearing clothing that is associated with the opposite sex within a society.  Cross dressing occurs every single day across the country, and most of the time it goes unnoticed and unquestioned.  Women wear men’s pants and shirts on a daily basis.  Some women wear men’s shoes and even their underwear.  Women cross dressing as men doesn’t stop with clothes either.  Men’s wallets, sunglasses, watches, and even hair styles that are “masculine” are worn by women everyday.  So why is it that very take a second look when a women dresses like a man, but most people would notice and even question a man that dresses as a woman?

First, I believe that the reasons for why men dress like women should be explored.  There are those who think that a man dressing like a woman is homosexual, but few men who do cross dress are actually homosexual and few male homosexuals cross dress.  So it should be quickly thrown out of your mind that a cross dressing male is gay.  There is also the idea that men cross dress to show their feminine side.  From an early age, male children are taught to be masculine and to not show feminine characteristics especially when it comes to feelings.  Boys are taught not to cry, be tough, and even get dirty in many cultures around the world.  So some men may wear women’s clothes or underwear under their own clothes in an attempt to be more in contact with their feminine side and not have others be able to know and ridicule them for it.  Another reason why men may cross dress is simply because they like women’s clothes.  If you think about the fact that many women’s clothes are made with appealing fabrics that are soft and luxurious while many men’s clothes are made to be tough and masculine, it does make a bit of sense that someone would want to wear the clothes that feel good.  Even for the man that wears women’s underwear it make sense because women’s underwear are made in so many different designs and fabrics that just having the options may be appealing.  Another reason why men may cross dress is so that they can feel the power a woman holds.  Women have the power to turn heads when they walk into a room, they have the power to make jaws drop and get stuff without much effort at all.

So why do so many people see a man cross dressing as wrong?  Many cultures believe that men should be masculine and separate from many aspects in women’s lives.  A man helping his wife out with household chores is one of those things that is done behind closed doors so no one really has to know.  When it comes to the public eye however, some men are less inclined to make themselves appear feminine in any way.  The negative views that some people have about the subject go back to the idea that men should be men.  This belief even goes as far as making women behaving like men more acceptable.  When it all boils down, the message comes out as it is okay to be a man even if you aren’t a man, but its not okay to be a woman unless you are a woman.  To answer the question, “why is it wrong for a man to dress like a woman?” requires that there is a better understanding of the society you are looking at.  I honestly don’t understand why it is wrong so I cannot give an answer to that question, I can only give my opinion.  Then again, that question doesn’t really have a “right” answer it only has opinions that can be given.


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11 Responses to Men ≠ Cross Dressing

  1. Lexo says:

    Women clothes that are androgynous are considered high fashion and cool for women to wear but it is really rare to find men clothing that are androgynous that man wearing such clothes would get a lot of weird stares because our society is not use to it.

    • afike001 says:

      I think that a lot of what is in high fashion is targeting women because women are more likely to spend a lot of money on their clothes in most societies. The fact that there are more women’s clothes that are androgynous and not so much with men’s clothes almost carries the message that its okay for everyone to be masculine to an extent but its only okay for women to be feminine.

  2. loganmeyer says:

    It goes against our societal norms to cross-dress or act of a different gender. We live in a generation that is afraid of homophobes or anyone that sticks out from the norm. “No homo” is a phrase we use constantly even if speaking about something that could in any way be viewed as gay. In my opinion, I think that many of these cross-dressers are striving for attention and just want to be noticed.

    • afike001 says:

      i agree that a lot of cross-dressers who are open about it are looking for attention and to be noticed. They want to be noticed the same way a woman wants to be noticed by wearing makeup and high fashion clothes. Yeah there are those who are doing it just for kicks but the ones that aren’t do seem to be getting negative attention. Even men who are considered metrosexual get odd looks from time to time.

  3. whurst001 says:

    When I was in high school, I had what would probably be called a “hipster” style of dressing. I preferred those old fashioned bell-bottom jeans and a thrift store tee. Back then, it was nearly impossible for me to find flared jeans for men, since cargo pants were the style. Ultimately, I ended up doing a lot of shopping at women’s clothing outlets, and I had to learn what my size was in women’s jeans. This article reminded me of those memories. Would that be considered cross-dressing? I do recall the female employee’s eying me with skepticism as I continually tried on jeans.

    • afike001 says:

      By definition, it would be considered cross-dressing and the experience you had with even women giving you those odd looks goes to show that the idea that men are supposed to be masculine and women are supposed to be feminine is shared by both men and women.

  4. kfock001 says:

    I don’t think we should designate what are women and men’s clothing. I feel you should be able to wear whatever you want. Clothing can be an expression of your personality. As long as the cloths are covering up the girl and boy parts, there should be not reason why a person can’t wear what they want to wear.

    • afike001 says:

      I couldn’t agree with you more. Clothes really are an expression of who a person is and it lets others know a bit about them without a word having to be spoken. Unfortunately there are so many stereotypes that so many people believe which lead to the wrong ideas being made about people so some never get a chance to let others know who they are.

  5. It was about ten years ago that the Emo fad started and boys were wearing eyeliner, making themselves the target of small minded bullies. Last semester one of my male students wrote about how he likes to wear skinny jeans and it created this huge discussion on the comments board, one of the biggest I’ve seen. I’m old enough to remember back when men wearing their hair long was considered “out there”.

    • afike001 says:

      Its rather upsetting that so little progress on acceptance has been made over the years. You pointed out men wearing eyeliner and even today you see that in those who belong to a particular subculture and its not men who simply want to accent their eyes. Even with men having long hair, those who do have long hair also seem to belong in certain subcultures. Even for those men who do have long hair and take the time and effort to maintain it have a good amount of people see it as unprofessional.

  6. yea cross dressing is part of my life style to I enjoy doing it a lot…im gay femine man ..I love exressing my femine side so much I love womens fashions and clothes to wear ,,,im a crossdresser named Stephanie …

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