Its much harder to be a woman

Ever since the establishment of a capitalistic economy, humans have begun to think in terms of profit.  The human body was a commodity for years.  By a commodity, I mean a title is placed on it and it no longer is seen as a human or a part of the human body, but as an item that can be bought and sold or used.  Look at slavery, organ transplanting, all these are examples of how the human body has become a part of the production and consumption system just like any other item. In this article, the author explains how everything has become a commodity.  Our bodies, need to be upgraded, we need to lose weight, we need to have long hair.  We can change what we want and get rid of what we don’t want like we are pieces of a machine.

In the modern world and economy that we live in, the media pushes for perfection.  Television, radio stations, magazines, the internet, etc., all portray what society deems as beauty.  There are ads telling you what to wear, what make-up makes you look beautiful, what hair styles are beautiful, what skin tones are beautiful.  There are even ads showing you how to wear make-up without looking like you’re wearing make-up so that you appear “naturally” beautiful.  As a woman, even a woman who can consciously understand that it’s all capitalistic ploy to break our pockets, it’s easy get caught up in the hype.  After all, we do care at least somewhat of what we look like. The advertisements that are promoted to women appeal to her side of either wanting to be beautiful or wanting to “get the guy”.  In terms of gender studies, how does this differ between men and women. 

Women fall victim to the beauty wars because women are supposed to be the more feminine and attractive creatures, and old age or aging in general, gaining weight, etc, are inevitable aspects of life that take away from her beauty. Need proof? This can be evidenced in many ways, the most evident is the amount of and the percentage of plastic surgery women have done in comparison to men.  According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery women account for 90 percent of plastic surgery cases while men only account for 10 percent.  The most common plastic surgery for males is liposuction which is understandable, everyone wants to get rid of the extra fat.   The most common for women is breast implants, which is to maintain the level of attractiveness that the media portrays.  The efforts that women go through to remain “beautiful” and neat are enormous. Women have to have:

pretty hands, pretty feet, (nail shop mani +pedi +acrylic nails 60-70 dollars every 2 weeks)

Neat and groomed (daily shaving or laser hair removal)

attractive eyes and eyebrows (eyeshadow around 5 dollars, mascara around 8 dollars, eyelashes –nailshop 25 dollars every 2 weeks eyebrow wax-7-10 dollars )

great body (gym membershipg, plus dieting food, plus TIME to go aside from taking care of a family)

This is entirely too much!!! And yet, we all fall victim.

Men can even be attractive by not being groomed.  Some when like “scruffy” looking guys.  Its kind of a statement  Some women like the rough construction worker type, with a great natural body and rugged looks.  For the life of me, I cant think of one woman that could be considered attractive when she is not groomed or looks rugged. There is an extreme double standard here.  Sadly, even as I write this blog, I know that I am planning to do some form of all of the above simply because it is what I’m used to and I will continue doing so.


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  1. I loved the bit about people swapping out parts of their bodies like machines! Did you really read that blog post about Deleuze and Guttari? I’m impressed.

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