Women & Poverty, more common than you think.


In a recent study and this published article, it is reported that women living in America are more likely to experience poverty than men. Reportedly, 37 million American Women are living in poverty. This has caused the distance of poverty to men is widen in American more than any other country in the world.


The article and study even breaks its down to every race compared to men. Reportedly, Hispanic women 23.6 percent more poor to the 19.6 percent of men, African American women are 26.5 percent to African American men 22.3 percent. 11.6 percent of white women to the 9.4 percent of white men. Asian women are at 10.7 percent compared to the 9.7 percent of asian men. According to the 2007 survey, the women were only experiencing poverty 2.7 percent more than men. To help explain why women are more susceptible to experience poverty, the article includes single mothers, elderly women, and women who are going through their child rearing years. Single mothers come in at a quarter of all women, ages being 18 and older. They are below the poverty line due to the missing second income. 54 percent, are the single women with no children. I thought this was unusual, due to the women not having children. They would be more likely to save their money because they wouldn’t be paying for the clothes, food, diapers, and extra expenses children need in their lifetime. You’re not paying extra insurance costs, no extra car payments that most parents pay for.


The article finally goes into detail why more and more women are living in poverty. The firs reason is that women get paid less than men do, seeing as they dont have the same qualifications as men. It has a staggering statstic that women who work full time earn only 77 percent of what men make, thats a reported 22 percent gap in the annual average wages each year. The article even goes as far as now saying that women are not doing blue-collar work anymore, rather “pink-collar” work now. As a women, I work two jobs and go to school full time to support myself, to hear people saying that I’m doing the so call “pink-collar” work is insulting. I work just as hard, maybe sometimes even harder than a man does. This is insulting to women and we wonder why so many more women are now turning to being stay at home moms. The amount of money that would be making even with a Bachelors amounts to be the same amount needed for child care.

The article also points other reasons; Women are more likely to have to bear the cost of raising children. The statistic I found most heartbreaking is that 23 percent of single mothers are twice as likely to be poor than the children’s father. Pregnancy affects a woman’s job performance at work and education. The mistimed and unplanned pregnancies can account for a loss of job, a break in education and then not finding the time or money to go back and finish the degree needed for a better job. They also tribute it to domestic and sexual violence can push a women into poverty. They have the feeling of feeling paranoid, it could affect their job performance, have poor health due to the abuse, and lastly Women spend more of their time providing unpaid caregiving than men do.

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  1. One thing that stands out to me in that first chart is how much higher poverty rates are for black and Hispanic populations than for the white and Asian populations. What do you think accounts for that?

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