Sex, Might as well tax em for it!!


When I hear sex work the first thing I think about is prostitution. Prostitution is everywhere in every country in some form or another I am convinced, and it is never going away. I went to Italy over the summer (Aviano) and it was so out there in your face that I was pretty shocked. In one spot near a strip club there was there was even a prostitute trailer that was allowed to sit outside and entice the people that were going in and out of the club. At first I thought it was just a weird strip club but now I am convinced that it was a legal brothel, go figure. There were so many “ladies of the night” here if you wore a too short of dress or skirt you might be mistaken for one. Hell no, not tonight!

Some people have thought that it should just go ahead and be legalized. So should it? Why not right? It’s happening anyways, along with weed and other illegal acts so why not tax it and make money from it. The girls will make their money, the pimps will make their share and the government will get their piece too, so everyone wins! One big happy family. “The fiscal cliff dilemma is prompting some novel ideas on how to reduce the federal deficit — including the highly questionable suggestion of turning Uncle Sam into a pimp” ( stated her on this cite)

So turning Uncle Sam into a pimp huh? This is supposed to benefit the country by 6 billion dollars in federal income tax. One of the thoughts is that this will help increase the safety of the women in ways such as protection from pimps, heath care and the reduction of female being afraid to go to the police in fear of being arrested such after situations of rape. The belief is that if prostitution is legalized then they will no longer be afraid to report cases of rape or abuse, no longer afraid of being arrested. Save the prostitutes!

The question has come up, should prostitution be legalized?  Let’s get real and be serious for a second, how can legalizing this “work”, be good? Like I said earlier if we legalize this we might as well legalize all the other things that we aren’t making money off of such as weed and the cocaine industry! Those alone make millions if not billions of dollars right there also. Sooner or later we will be known as the land of the free not only for our freedom but the freedom to do whatever the heck everyone thinks they should be allowed to do. Not everything should be legalized and I think that by doing so it is going to not only makes things worse but cause an extreme amount of problems in society. In countries where prostitution is legalized, there is such a significant expansion of the prostitution market that the end result is larger reported inflows of human trafficking. Not everyone that is a prostitute because they necessarily want to be one. I’m sure none of these women when were asked what did they want to be when they grew up screamed out “A PROSTITUTE! “. There are so many women being sex trafficked today and the legalization would not only quite possibly make it impossible for these women to escape but increase the amount of girls and women being stolen and forced into sex trafficking and prostitution. Pimps everywhere would get as many prostitutes as they could because more women, more money. The government just wants to get its piece of the sex pie, because I don’t believe this could be considered helping and making a better economy. This would also put what people are afraid to do in front of people right in the daylight, up close and personal in our faces and backyards? I am not sure if this will help decrease HIV, abuse, trafficking, pimps, etc., it would just legalize it in a way that it will be put in everyday society right next door. The only ones benefiting from the sex industry will be the pimp’s and owners of the brothels. “While appearing to promote public health, New Zealand law keeps the names of brothel owners a secret, thus making public health inspections of brothels an impossibility”(Farley2004). So who actually ends up being protected? All the law ends up protecting is the privacy of pimps, brothel owner’s and potential johns that no longer live in the fear of getting caught or arrested (Farley2004.)

(This is an article I read about the legalization of prostitution, ”Bad for the Body, Bad for the Heart: Prostitution Harms Women Even if Legalized or Decriminalized”)


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6 Responses to Sex, Might as well tax em for it!!

  1. If the gov’t legalized prostitution would going to a brothel be like going to the DMV? LOL

    But seriously, I think there’s a legitimate public health case to be made for greater oversight into sex work. At the same time I’m not sure that taxing sex would be able to pay for itself in terms of the bureaucracy it would generate in order to be regulated properly. I do know that it is the case that when gambling is legalized within a community it correlates with an increasing in gambling addiction, so I wouldn’t be surprised if the legalization of prostitution correlated with other anti-social behaviors too.

    • Hahaha “like going to the DMV” I guess it would. I assume after a while it would be see as normal, so yeah maybe something like that. I also wonder after a while if it would get boring and like you said not pay for itself. I’m not sure what you mean about anti social behaviors you mean because they would be getting sex from prostitutes the men might not care to deal with anyone else? lol

  2. reztap says:

    I am completely for making prostitution legal for several reasons. Prostitution does not actually hurt anyone. It is branded as a crime because our society says so. If we make it legal we will be able to put helpful strictures along with it. We can require testing for the workers, to make sure diseases are not being spread. These women will be more likely to report crimes against them, making the streets a safer place. To put it simply, while it is illegal now, people are not following the law. In order to make a differences we would either have to have harsher punishment, and waste more tax dollars on a crime that isn’t really effecting people, or make it legal.

    • I cant say that I do not agree with you. I have though about all the positive that can come from it such as mandatory HIV testing to keep everything clean. Women also not being afraid to call the police because since it is legal they have nothing to be worried about if sexual violence does occur, they can report it. I guess the one thing is it doesn’t really help the ones who are already affected by HIV. Legalizing it would bring the infected to the forefront and they still would not have a place in the prostitution “industry”. And would then still be prostituting on the side, still infecting people. I don’t know the reality of it.

  3. nikaspeitel says:

    If a sex worker has to be licensed like drivers, they can be tested for disease and pimps would be eliminated. Legalizing something also takes the stigma off of it. If I could walk down to the corner market and buy a bag of weed it wouldn’t be rebellious and therefore less cool. Same with established brothels. You want sex? Have enough money? Go to a licensed sex worker who you know is clean and is provided with birth control to scratch your itch. Phew, don’t need to rape anyone today.

    • Licensed like drivers? lol that sounds a bit much for some being licensed to *&^%. Sorry that was inappropriate but that is how I see it when I imaging it in my head. I mean it seems logical but I just don’t know if it would really work like I said in the previous comments. I do agree on it being kind of less cool or sought after, after it is legalized. I would assume it would be boring after a while and no one would want to continue to pay. so yeah maybe if we want to get rid of prostitution we should legalize it so it can go bankrupt. still believe that there will always be those ones who don’t care if it is legalized and will still do it illegally.

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