Are Equal Rights Really Equal?


Gay marriage has been a topic of discussion in the media for quite some time now. Many disagree with it just for the simple fact that their religion and/or their religious beliefs disagree with being homosexual in general. Since gay marriages prevalence in connection with religion has become a key topic within the media, I decided to interview my uncle, Pastor Ray Gardner on the current topic at hand.  I asked him how he felt about the new found acceptance of two people of the same sex coming together in unity.  His answer surprised me. He replied with “Many individuals are against gay marriage, using religion to back them up.  However, I do not feel that reasoning provides solidarity on an opinion alone.  If an individual feels that they are on course with God’s plan for their life, then they should carry on as they have been.”  I found this quite interesting. It caused me to stand firm in my own affirmations on what true love is.  How can one be denied the same rights, just for being with someone of the same sex?  In my opinion, doing so is an example of metaphorical bondage.  How can we stand on the principles of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, yet we still cause hindrances within many individuals lives?

Many times gay marriages are frowned upon unless the individuals evaluating them have a personal connection to a homosexual person within their own lives.  With that being said, I must explain about a close friend of mine.  His name is Preston, and he identifies with being a homosexual.  He has no aspirations to be married to a man, however he feels that it should definitely be legalized among the masses.  I asked him why he felt this way, and his answer was very clear and concise.  He responded, “Even though I have no goals of marrying a man, I feel that marriage is not a question of individuality.  I feel that it is a union that has everything to do with how to people feel for one another.  Whether these two people are of the same sex or not has nothing to do with the love that they share for one another.  If we are a nation that separates church from state, as mentioned in the United States Constitution, how can marriages of any kind be denied based on religious theologies?  If you ask me, I believe that linking the two together proves how our nation’s documentations are flawed.”  The love that I have for my friend and the common sense that I have acquired through my years of living both provide me with inferences of our nation’s prejudices, in terms of gay marriage.

It was not too long ago that two people of different ethnicities, with an emphasis of Black and White unions, were illegal.  How does this issue differ from this?  We came together as a country to abolish those laws that created constraints, so why is it that we can’t bind together to create justice upon this current controversial issue? 

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I am a young, Black woman. My name is Javielle Gardner, referred to most as Javi. I am graduating this May, and I am elated to say so! I hope that I get the most out of this course.
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5 Responses to Are Equal Rights Really Equal?

  1. afike001 says:

    Issues dealing with sexuality scare a lot of people because they don’t understand it. Half the time I don’t think they even understand their own feelings let alone someone else’s. When something scares people because they don’t understand it, not only will a good bit of people say that it is wrong they will use their religion to back up their beliefs. I am the kind of person who is okay with people believing whatever they want to believe but I do have a major issue when people start imposing their beliefs on others.

  2. acluv002 says:

    I actually find it kind of funny when people use religion as their reasoning for being against gay marriage. These super religious people preach about tolerance and loving everybody (including people you consider to be your enemy) but then turn around and have protests where you can feel real anger towards people who identify themselves as homosexual. I wonder if homosexuals were originally denied the right to marriage to keep them from receiving tax benefits that come with marriage?

  3. Of course love and romance are valid ways to personalize and internalize the debate over gay marriage, but my opinion is that it comes down to more material benefits. There are tangible economic and legal benefits to marriage as its recognized by the government. Love is great, but you don’t have to be married to be in love. You DO have to be married to file your taxes jointly, or share health insurance, etc.

  4. brianoshei says:

    I agree entirely in that we live in a country that is supposed to be separate in church and state. If that is so than there should be no issue with homosexuals being married. Like you said with interracial marriages, they should be compared because they were once illegal not too long ago and now they are everywhere. Our country is slowly catching up and soon i believe we will get it right and gay men and women will have equal rights including marriage and adopting children. Many gay men and women are much more suitable to adopt children than a straight couple. There is only one reason to invalidate gay marriage which is religion and people are starting to realize that is not a good enough reason.

  5. jgard012 says:

    All of you make valid points and I agree with what you all are saying. With that being said, at the end of the day it is not about religion or whether they will receive marital benefits and it’s not about gay rights either. It is about their civil and equal rights as a human being. As I and one of you mentioned, at one point in time blacks and whites were not allowed to date let alone be a married couple but they were eventually granted rights to marry. Now is the time for the  LGBT community to gain their rights and those right are being questioned thought about and brought to the forefront of America’s attention. Even President Obama has realized that it is time for change and the LGBT community should have equal rights as well! Religion cannot be the sole excuse for this injustice anymore just like racism can no longer be the reason black and whites cannot marry whom they choose anymore. Whether you like it or not, people should just mind their business and accept it; and the government should not be able to dictate who people can and cannot love point blank period! 

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