Crime between Males and Females with an Emphasis on Media

Crime is always occurring, but the type of crime that I would like to emphasis is crime between men and women. Violent crime statistics can concur that males are generally more violent and engage in more public violent acts then females do. However, with that being said does not mean that females don’t engage in violent crimes they just are usually open to the public with it. Though crime between the average male and female are not talked about, the media likes to put celebrities on center stage when it comes to violent crimes between males and females. 

In this news segment, they are reporting a story of singer Chris Brown assaulted his at the time singer girlfriend Rihanna. If you watch the video you will hear the anchor says that based of a website Chris Brown attacked Rihanna because she gave him a STD. However, in another rumor they heard Rihanna got into a car accident. 

In this segment of “The View” the cast members are discussing the incident when Tiger Woods wife beat him with a golf club. Here is an incident when it is a female who was the aggressor in the situation. Even though Tiger Woods was the victim of a violent act committed by a woman, he was still deemed as the person at fault simply for causing emotional distress towards his wife. This is a situation that proves that even when I women is the violent aggressor her act is over shadowed by what the male has done wrong. If you listen to the lady, she mentions that the media is always watching celebrities and they have to be careful with their flaws. 


When you live your life as a celebrity the media pays attention to their every move. When it comes to violent acts whether it is male or female the media will take just the smallest information and bend every aspect to it. The more information the media attains the more creative their stories become. Its crazy how even though celebrities are human like everyone else, sadly the negative things that happen in their personal life is emphasized such as their participation in crime. 


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3 Responses to Crime between Males and Females with an Emphasis on Media

  1. Dugutigui says:

    It’s always the same, Fame has its cost:
    If my theory of relativity is proven successful, Germany will claim me as a German and France will declare me a citizen of the world. Should my theory prove untrue, France will say that I am a German, and Germany will declare that I am a Jew.”
    ― Albert Einstein

  2. whurst001 says:

    It is very unfortunate just how opinionated the public can be about other peoples’ lives, more specifically that of celebrities and politicians. One of the many prices you pay for being famous. On the other hand though, many celebrities and such very much enjoy the publicity when it is positive. So we’ll definitely see a pattern of people wanting privacy when it would be perceived as negative, and publicity when it is perceived as positive.

    • bmcca019 says:

      Yes I can say that I do believe some celebrities do enjoy being in the line light of publicity. I think when they start to lose buzz they will do whatever they need to do just to get back in the game.

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