Woman and children in poverty

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Poverty can be defined as the state of one who lacks a certain amount of material possessions or money. Research has proven there is more woman and children in poverty than man combined; some may ask why this is. Studies have also proven this to be true for all ethnicities. Recent studies has shown 26.5 percent of African American women are poor compared to 22.3 percent of African American men; 23.6 percent of Hispanic women are poor compared to 19.6 percent of Hispanic men; 10.7 percent of Asian women are poor compared to 9.7 percent of Asian men; and 11.6 percent of white women are poor compared to 9.4 percent of white men.


  1. Could it be because man supposedly makes more money than man in the professional work force?
  2. Could it be because woman has to support their self as well as their child?


Sad to say but I believe it is because some woman still live the house wife life style, however when things don’t go well and a divorce occur this could be one reason why.  Some women don’t have the proper education to get a job and or provide for their self.  One solution to this issue could be encouraging more women to join programs and or attend workshops to learn certain skills to where they would be able to obtain a job. Also job force should raise woman pay.

I don’t really agree with the thought of it being the child but some may argue that. Not to sound like a jerk or anything but I feel like this is an excuse. I personally believe the state would not leave a child with a parent that cannot support them and if so this is a serious problem. Personally I work in a homeless shelter and 90 percent of the residence the residence in the shelter are single you woman with children. There are 3 main reasons they end up here from what I have heard by conversing with certain residence.  Reasons being no education, child at young age, parents put them out. This draws the question what are you going to help yourself. I have personally witness woman agreeing to just move out and live with a man they think might love them. The problem with this is they fall in the same circle cooking cleaning babysitting and not educated. The solution to this problem would be to not rely on others and get educated.  Of course I’m not saying this is the case for all women and or children in poverty but this is the case I have witness.  

Everyone makes mistakes in life that can cause poverty. However the question is what you will do to get out or stay from falling into poverty. A lot of the US ignores this serious matter, we as a whole should help and reach out more. I also believe man are more likely to get hired do hard labor before a female would, this isn’t right because woman in need may be able to perform this task however they get stereotyped. Society as a whole should stop the judging and help these woman and children in need.

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  1. I was wondering, when you say that women move out to be with some man that they think might love them – is that what they’re saying to you? Because if I was living in a homeless shelter and I thought hooking up with somebody might get me out of there I would do it just to move. Being in love wouldn’t even figure into it!

  2. bmcca019 says:

    It is crazy how sad it is that we still see a lot of women in poverty considering the United States is moving forward. I do not believe that it is because men make more money because it is coming to term that more and more women are starting to over populate men in professions where women are starting to become the main source of income in households. I can say that I think it could be because women are supporting themselves as well as their children. In the process of a custody battle the mothers generally get custody over the children and in turn they provide majority of the financial support for their child. Courts do issue child support but people “fathers” find loop holes to get around paying so much in child support if any at all.

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