“Hail to the V”

Just a few days ago I was sitting on my couch watching TV, waiting for another commercial to end when I hear the narrator say the slogan “Hail to the V”. Now normally I do not feel the need to rewind to watch a commercial but I was so intrigued by this slogan I just had to see what the commercial was about.

A beautiful young female is frantically searching through her purse for that one thing that is going to take her beauty and self confidence to the next level. But she is skipping past the items that most people would think a woman would use to tidy up in a public bathroom. She throws out her makeup, then her straightener, next a pair of shoes, and lastly nail polish among other beauty supplies. The narrator states how hard women work to maintain their beauty, but having perfect makeup, hair, clothing, and nails isn’t the solution to being at their most beautiful? No, its having a fresh and clean feeling vagina. There is nothing a woman should care more about keeping clean and beautiful than what men would want a woman to keep clean and beautiful. I’m not a woman and I felt offended at the way the company chose to describe the importance of their product. Summer’s Eve is basically saying that “we know what’s going to get you far in life, so you better keep it tip-top!” Women are given the stigma of being less important than men and having to sell their sexuality to carry themselves through life. But even though the commercial may have been meant to give power to women and show that there are many ways she can be beautiful, it doesn’t come off as empowering, is comes off as degrading.

Women should not have to think with their vagina when out in public and a man should not find it priority number 1. The commercial is saying, don’t worry about your hair or makeup because that’s not what men care about. It is the sex they want and we are gonna make sure its the most clean and fresh sex you can give. Women deserve the right to be beautiful in their own way, free from sexual innuendos and expectations. Hail to the V is just another way of bringing women down in society. It is not only oppressive but disrespectful and belittling. I am perfectly fine promoting female hygiene, but not in a way that makes it seem like a woman only has one prized attribute.

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5 Responses to “Hail to the V”

  1. nikaspeitel says:

    I laughed so hard at this. The sly empowerment commercial that is anything but. It is also laughable due to the fact many men will be happy to get sex, no matter how perfect the hygiene of female parts. If I forget to shave my bikini line my husband is still all for sex. I hate to put it this way, but some man came up with that commercial idea.

  2. Great post!! You never know when you need a quick freshening up, for whatever reason. This commercial is funny. There are so many products like these and even worse ones that, thank you Jesus, don’t have commercials, like the island fresh scented vaginal deodorant inserts I saw at Walmart a few months back. I lost it and had to take a pic to post to fb to see if anyone else would have the same reaction I did. Horrible!!! On a serious note, I’m impressed at your insight on this as a man. There’s hope for us all! ;)

  3. auddieblue says:

    I find it really interesting the way you reacted to this commercial, and even more interesting that a man would have this kind of reaction. I’ve seen this commercial, and others like it, many times, and I’ve never been offended by it. If anything, I think these commercials are a good way to publicize a produce that people might be embarrased or shy to use or buy. To me, the ad pokes fun at “normal” beauty products, hinting that they really aren’t as important as society makes them out to be, and brings to light a beauty product women might not think about. Not only is it a beauty product, but it’s also a hygiene product. Since when does a hygiene product have a sexual stigma attached to it? I’ve never thought that this product was hinting to me that I need to keep my “parts” clean and ready for sex. I never even thought this commercial was talking about women being clean for men; this is just a commercial promoting a product so women can stay clean and healthy and feel confident about their bodies without worrying about such a sensitive area. Because, actually, just soap and water isn’t good enough – we need special products to properly clean and balance out the chemicals/hormones in our bodies. I think you’re jumping the gun by thinking that just because a commercial is talking about a female hygiene product, that it’s automatically alluding to sex.

    • Not trying to start an ongoing debate on feminine cleanliness, but when it comes to this area we don’t need anything special to balance out anything. Good old fashioned soap and water is enough. These “special” products actually add to the problem by messing up our ph balances. ;)

  4. ctayl059 says:

    Its not the fact that it is a female hygiene product, but how they presented it. The narrator clearly states that having everything else on your body beautiful isn’t enough, your vagina has to be perfect or nothing else matters. The woman is clearly at a public bathroom cleaning up to impress someone. I’m not arguing against hygiene products. I am arguing that it does not have to be presented where the woman puts the emphasis on how clean her vagina is.

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