Is there room for a rainbow colored NFL Player?

In the past sports have been less than open to accept people of color into their clubs. Eventually, of course, Racism has died down and people of color play in professional sports daily. This took time for people to accept but it eventually paid off and it is much better for everyone. Can the same be said for sexuality? Is sexism really that much different than racism? There are coinciding outlooks on this and if a player openly comes out as gay in the National Football League will they be shunned? Obviously if a player came out as homosexual than they would still be welcome to play in the NFL, but is it worth receiving all this negative attention for? There are many questions to this and little answers unless this actually happens. There has been speculation that as many as four players who play in the NFL may come out to be homosexual. This should not be such a big deal as it is, but of course, people are making it out to be and are looking at it like it could be detrimental. When and if the players come out, they will be faced with much adversity like Jackie Robinson faced when he played in the MLB. The said players that might come out will be called hero’s they will also inevitably be called faggots and other hurtful words. They may even lose friends along the way and gain enemies. If the players come out, this will define them for the rest of their lives and they may not be able to deal with the consequences.

There have been multiple polls that surveyed hundreds of thousands of people which ask is the NFL ready for a gay player to come out. The survey answered a surprisingly 55% no and 45% yes. This shows that many people are not comfortable with this and the poor men that are believed to come out will unfortunately be judged harshly and deal with many consequences. There are hundreds of openly gay men in sports around the country but not one in the NFL, why is that? It is because men in the NFL are supposed to be tough, rugged, and masculine. Why can you not be all three and still be a homosexual? It is the stereotypes that support this and hopefully if the men come out in the NFL they can help put an end to the nasty stereotypes like these. Although there have not been openly gay men actively playing in the NFL, there have been men who have retired and came out after they were done playing. They have chosen this because they did not want to be flamed in the NFL and did not want to go about it alone. There are strength in numbers and if all 4 men who are speculated to come out as homosexual come out together then they can face adversity together and support one another. If only Jackie Robinson had this then he would have been much better off at the beginning of when he joined the MLB, but overall I am positive it made him a better person and came off as strong because of it. Much like Jackie Robinson these men will look to make history and attempt to make a better life for homosexuals everywhere. They will also try to put an end to gay stereotypes like not being athletic or masculine. It may also motivate other homosexuals to be active in sports and may also teach children and adults alike on how to accept them for who they are no matter their sexuality. I believe this is the right time for the four men to come out and I believe the world will become a better place because of it. I look forward to when it happens, if not this year, then eventually, but when it does it will go down in history.

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  1. dozto001 says:

    I agree with your post but another aspect can be the media. The media is what blows this out of proportion and many in the media will give off their opinion like it really matters. Some sportscasters may criticize and others will embrace their decisions. It is also society’s fault as well. Like you said, as men we should be tough and masculine but being a homosexual crosses all those features out. Yes they will be judged but many should respect their decisions, but isn’t everyone judged from taste in music, to clothes, to people they hangout with. In all, the only people who should matter is their teammates. If they tell them within closed doors and came out then I believe it will not create as big as a problem as the media will portray it once they found out.

  2. I really like the Jackie Robinson analogy, but I also agree with the commenter above. I would anticipate that this becomes “Much ado about nothing” and when these men come out there will be a brief media blitz, but then everyone will forget about it. In sports the true arbiter is the playing field and the only thing the fans will care about is: are the players any good? If he’s good you want him on your team. End of story.

  3. vduku001 says:

    I kind of agree with your premise that now in sports we as society, are now accepting people of colored and we are moving forward. However, I will like to underscore some point here, even though I agree that racism in sports has improved, however, I think that racism still exist in some major sports across the globe. As a soccer fan, I personality think that there are still racism in soccer most especially at the European level. A black soccer player by the name Mario Ballotelli has come under a huge racist chants directed toward him by some fans in Italy. Sunday night’s Milan derby when Balotelli was subjected to monkey chants by a minority of Inter fans, some holding inflatable bananas, was a reminder of what he will have to put up with from now on. In additon, just two months ago, a soccer match between Ac Mian vs. Pro Patria was abondoned beacuse of a racist chants toward a black Ac Milan’s player Kevin Prince Boteng. I also think that in sports, it should not matter if someone is gay; if he or she can get the job done, I think that is the most important thing to do. If we are now accepting people coming out as gay and accepting thier decisions, it should not matter why not we can not do the same in sports. Even though I personality do not support homosexually; I do support equal rights for all. No matter if someone is gay, we are all the children of God and he is the only one that can judge us all; and we are all sinners, so pointing fingers will not solved anything.

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