Women in the Workplace

It’s interesting to the change in American history with female employees in the workplace. It was not long ago that it was frowned upon for women to work in the workplace. Everyone remembers the American dream that was preached just after World War II, the 2-car garage, white picket fence, wife and kids. In that American dream the woman-stayed home to take care of the kids and perform household tasks while the men worked.  Obviously this is not the case now more and more women are entering the workplace and the workforce. Today women make up almost 50% of the workforce in the United States. To me it’s also interesting to see our perceptions of those women in the work place. Many women and men have very differing views on this topic. I know of some women who judge other women for working too much, and they feel that their kids are not going to be raised correctly. And those who work feel that those who stay at home and are taking care of their children are not exerting their independence.

An example where the gender difference is most seen is in the show “Mad men”. The show talks about the men of Madison Avenue. The men work for an ad agency and it takes place in the 1960s. While there is many women that work for the ad agency the women are in lower level positions while the men handle the “real work”. The women don’t ever really handle any kind of serious work on the show and the women are always subservient to the men. I feel that a lot of women feel that they are not treated with equal amounts of respect as men do. To me this is a product of our society. For many years our society is a patriarchal society.  I think that a lot of men feel that they need to be the ones that provide for their wives and I think some men are insecure about it. Our society has always been one where the men do the hard labor, at one point much of our society was blue-collar work that many women did not want to do. But now with the advent of more white-collar jobs more women are entering the workplace, which has gone against what was once a strict social norm in the United States.


I personally don’t have any problem with women in the workplace. It’s a part of our society that is slowly changing as time moves on.  It’s hard for many people to accept that change but I believe that it is a welcome change in our society. Men or women no gender is better but each has a unique set of skills that they can bring to the table to get the job done.

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  1. nikaspeitel says:

    Thank you for pointing out that no matter what wives and mothers do now-a-days, we are stigmatized. Work and your children will suffer, don’t work and you have no life outside of your husband. Mad Men is a fun example, but aren’t women still treated that way? Men want a hot secretary and expect extra “favors” from employees. Most of that isn’t reported because then the woman is labeled as a stuck up frigid bitch for not liking being hit on. Predatory female bosses can do it too, but they are just trying to fit into the male dominated world.

    • You are a %100 correct in my opinion. I think its stupid that women get stigmatized like that but it just the way people are and how they judge. And yes I think a lot of sexual harassment goes unreported in the workplace, its easier for some people just deal with it then find a new job since work will probably not be tolerable after something like that is reported.

  2. I’d have to agree and disagree. I think that our society is drastically changing. Personally, in my family, my mom was able to climb up the ranks really quickly, form her own consulting firm, etc. While I won’t mention the company, know that it’s a fortune 500, MNC. Her bosses were a mix of men and women, and she never faced any type of workplace discrimination nor stigmatization. I think it’s all in the attitude…the woman who is a strong-willed go-getter is going to face less discrimination than a woman who comes off as easily manipulated or unsure. So, while I agree that some women are still stigmatized, I think a lot of it has to do with residual discriminatory attitudes but also with the woman’s demeanor. Plus, if you’re discriminated against in a job, there’s a lot of legal avenues to pursue and you can always leave. .

    And as for being a stuck up bitch for not liking being hit on, I had a predatory boss who liked trying to sleep with the staff in exchange for special treatment. Needless to say, we told the person over his head and it got taken care of. Most businesses these days would rather avoid the potential legal discrimination dispute than keep on someone who is preying on staff.

    While I’ve never experienced such gender bias, I know it exists and I can’t deny that. But is it changing? Yes. We’re not seen as the housewife in the dress with the baby on the hip anymore. More and more contemporary media depicts women as executives or equally as competent as men (think Catherine or Sara on CSI…or Cameron from House). I really think change is coming faster than we think. :)

    Oh, and Mad Men is an awesome show!!

    • Yea I would have to agree with you. I believe that it really depends on where a particular female works just in my line of work (Im a mechanic) ive worked at many dealerships and other shops and seen the gender bias.

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