Should women in the Catholic Church be allowed to vote for a pope?

Should Women in Catholic Church be allowed to Vote for Pope

There are about 1.2 billion Catholic worldwide and women counts approximately about  600 million which is about 62 percentages and thus, none of these women will have a direct say in whose to be their next pope on March 19, 2013. There will be 115 cardinals voting for the next pope and they are all men; and one of these men will be elected as the bishop of Rome and the Pope of the Catholic Church.

Many women in the Catholic Church pay active roles in the church. Women have equal rights to be promoted at Baptism and confirmation. In matrimony, many women are treaty as full equal partners with their husband. Furthermore, in the Catholic Church, women can also serve on the parish council as financial committees members. Women can also be readers of a mass in the church. A reader is a layperson who assists the priest at a mass to give the Holy Communion. Women can also work in the parish’s office and teach religious courses and do many different kinds of work just as their counterparts men. With all these different forms of contributions women make in the Catholic Church, however, only a minority of these women has sanctioned titles. Moreover, even becoming a nun for a female in the Catholic Church does not get them boon to of the sacrament of Holy orders only men in the church can be ordained.

Most people in the Catholic Church holds the premise that the reason why women cannot be priests is because of the fact that the establishment of the sacrament of holy order and thus, because it was established by Christ as Catholic believed and no priest, bishop, or even a pope can changed or ratified it because it is imminent.

It is very important to understand that with all the scandal that is going in the Catholic church, sexual abuse to money laundering and etc, the presence of a greater female in the church hierarchy would helped solved many of the problems from getting worsening because it is clear that, statistically, women tend to abuse less than their counterparts males.

It is mind banging to knows that even though women in the Catholic Church for example, here in the United States, holds 23 percent of top powerful positions, 48 percent of the administrative positions and 80 percent of all paid positions and yet, they have been denied their rights to vote for a pope.

Some critics of the Catholic Church say that even though we have women running all sorts of roles and playing a major part in the Catholic Church but yet are still been denied most of the important position such as priesthood need to stop if the church wants to move forward from many of the obstacles the church is facing as aforementioned, sex abuse, money laundry, and etc.  Other believe that the fact that the Catholic Church insist on celibacy in the church and that women are excluded, that double combination shows that the church is still far away from stability unless changed in policy is made that will allow for women to exercise their rights to vote  for pope and served as priests as their  males counterparts.



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6 Responses to Should women in the Catholic Church be allowed to vote for a pope?

  1. This is intriguing…and honestly something I’ve thought about. But I guess this is how I’ve always rationalized women not being in hierarchical positions within the church: it’s a traditional organization and seen as such throughout the entire world. Thus, similarly as I’ve asked of the American presidency, is the world ready for a woman in charge? I’m not sure the majority of the world has progressed enough to be accepting of a female in a high-ranking church position and, by appointing one, it would likely damage the Catholic church’s rapport possibly internally but definitely externally with groups which still see women as lower than men, and these are groups which the Church is attempting to make ties with currently. While I see the chance for progress down the road, I think it’s too early for a lot of people to accept the ascention of the female in the Church’s hierarchy.

    • I respectfully disagree, I think the congregations have made more progress than the Church leadership. The people themselves are ready for more female leadership! It’s those who are in a position of power within the Church who are loathe to let go of their privileges. Tradition is just an alibi.

      • vduku001 says:

        I totally agree with you professor Thompson on your premise that it is the people who are in a powerful positions that do not wants change. I think that those in powerful positions needs to realize that time has chance and we need to move into a direction where everyone has the same equual rights. Women in the church played important role and they deserve their rights to vote.

    • vduku001 says:

      I kind of like your premise that it might be too early for a lot of people to accept ascention of the female in the Chruch’s hierarchy however, I will like to underscore some points. I think that it is time for us as society and people to have equal protection for all. I believe that being a women or men, should not matter we are all equal in the eyes Of God. Women sould not be excluded based on thier sexuality they are also productive members in the church. Another thing is that with all the scandal that had been going on in the Ctholic from sex abuse to money lundary, I think that by allowing women in high positions in the church and given them voting rights , will helps solved many of these issues and retored the church’s image to her 1.2 billion fellowers.

  2. dozto001 says:

    Being a Catholic and have gone to Catholic private schools, I understand completely. Recently at my church back home, they’ve finally allowed altar girls. Its a small step but one that could eventually aspire young females to have the mindset to further their lives and become a priest and who knows, possibly the next pope. The church needs to know that we are evolving as a society and do not live in the ancient times.

    • vduku001 says:

      I totally agree with you and it should not matter wheather someone is a female or male we all deserve the same equal rights as people. In addtion, I also think that the Catholic church needs to allow women to vote and holds positions in the church beacuse they played a huge role in the church.

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