Battle of Genders – Men vs. Women

Which gender has the upper-hand? I’ve always been proud to be a man; to know I dont have to deal with pregnancy, periods, and everything else that comes along with being a woman just feels like I won out. But what woman doesn’t say the same? They love being women just like I love being a man. It seems to me that we all embrace our gender, and what comes with it, but when I tried to find out the real answer of which gender was better I was stunned at what I found…

It only took Google .43 seconds to produce me 3,710,000,000 results when I searched “what can men do that women can’t.” **Ahem,** again, that was… three billion, seven hundred ten million results in the same time it takes for a 100mph baseball thrown from a pitchers mound to reach the catchers glove.

At first I was overwhelmed, and didn’t think it could be worth looking into or blogging about but then… I read the first two results Google provided and knew it was going to be worth my while.

First was a link to’s article on the “Top 10 Things Only Men Can Do” and right under that was’s rebuttal article naming “21 Things Women Can Do That Women Can’t.”

 I knew this was going to be entertaining…

I decided to begin by reading the men’s list since Google made it my destiny by putting it first, and I found that most it was true and relatable. Among the notable things that only men can do that women cant were number 10 – go topless, number 3 – pee standing up, and number 1 – get sexier with age. The list was obviously somewhat biased and opinionated because it was written by one of AskMen’s male entertainment correspondents but nonetheless, it succeeded in its mission to make being a man look awesome.

But wait… I almost forgot, there is apparently 21 things women can do that men cant! So upon reading Cosmo’s article by an anonymous writer, I started to think… S**t, maybe they do have it better! They started off with number 21 (a low blow IMO) – that women can make a longer list of their “talents.” They call the men’s list “pretty short” and then claim they already win just because they came up with more than two times as many points, I think not, its gonna take more to impress me. The good ones on the list were number 15 – women can blame it on the PMS, number 10 – get out of a speeding ticket, number 1 – get pregnant, and my personal favorite number 11 – become a cougar, and not a dirty old man.

What I found was funny. There’s no real right answer, rather just a argument that deals with too much bias to determine a real victor. Although both articles were related in topic, their stances on the topic could not be further apart. The many conflicting opinons of which gender is better supports my earlier notion that most people by default embrace their gender and think its the bomb. This can be seen in the articles because women think they become cougars when they get old, and call men dirty when they age and on the other hand men believe they get sexier with age and women turn into Joan Rivers. All in all, men seem to believe that being a man is the best, and women seem to think being a woman is the best; basically, embracing our features, traits, and abilities both good and bad is all we can really do to be the best man or woman we can be.


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  1. ccrew05 says:

    I thought it was interesting to see that both men and women both claim that they will be the better looking one when they get older. When I think about gender differences I wouldn’t have even thought about who ages better or that women can make better lists than men. It is very interesting to see what these lists have one them, because I find looking sexy while sipping fruity cocktails to be a bit bizarre to put on a list.

  2. jhump017 says:

    l llked the context of this article because there are many things that men can do, while women can not and vice versa. I found it funny that one about getting out of traffic ticket, as nice as it s when it does happen sometimes, its definitely not always a guaranteed thing. This will always be a fight between the genders for sure, but happy to see you talked about both genders!

  3. I think its really interesting to see gender differences in our society today. I feel like in a different context or a different time in society, the answer would clearly be one way or another. In todays society it just seems that both men and women have their own strengths and weaknesses that equally balance out.

  4. rawpickle says:

    This article really spark my mind because do believe men will win after looking at the list provide by the links. Yes, i love having the ability to walk around topless and showing off my physique while if a women does then people like me will stare cause i love nipple and society wouldn’t approve of their action. Also it is true that men too are getting sexier with age because i buy cream and moisturizers so that my appearance isn’t aging as well as i can brag to about how beautiful i still look when im 50 year old

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