Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment is arguably becoming more and more prevalent in today’s work industries. Over a course of many years, men and women have began to work together in various types of labor. Often, we see men being the dominant sex in a business related to things of a more masculine nature, whereas women are seen in a more feministic environment (sewing, baking, cleaning, etc.). With the collision of men and women sharing divisions of labor, there leads the opportunity to be harassed from either gender, but is more commonly seen upon women.

In order to understand the importance of sexual harassment, one must have a thorough understanding of what it is. Sexual harassment can be defined as any unwanted or unwarranted sexual advancements made on another individual, often of the opposite sex. Why is sexual harassment important you ask? Well let’s take a more in-depth view of its prevalence seen in today’s society.

The deviant acts of sexual harassment have become more of a social problem seen in workforces. The division of labor between men and women is clearly present within society, and leads for an opportunity to commit such a deviant act, whether it be intentional or incidental. Women are often most susceptible to being sexually harassed, but it not limited to only their gender. Men are just as vulnerable to being sexual harassed within the workforce.

How can corporations and business weed out the deviant behavior and make the work environment more “cleansed”? That is a question left in the hands of individual businesses. Most firms or companies have strict regulations and rules CLEARLY defining what sexual harassment is, and how it will not be tolerated in any aspect. This requires more capable guardians to be alert and visual surveillance to be installed in order to catch such acts.

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