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Darrisaw's professional experience includes Summer Internships and Upper level education. She is Hard working, determined, can multi-task, and simply love staying busy. She is extremely reliable and confident in her fields of study. Her writing skills are excellent; futhermore, she has won numerous awards as a result of writing and have also received the Northern Virginia Scholastic Acheivement Award for her academic studies. Her Goals are to excel in any field she is in, considering she is double majoring in two broad subjects, which are Criminal Justice/ Communications. Although she is also majoring in Criminal Justice, her primary focus is advancing in the field of Communications, to further her career in the Mass Communications field, whether being print, television, film, etc.

COHABITATION IN THE UNITED STATES: An Appraisal of Research Themes, Findings, and Implication- LONG BLOG POST #2

Smock, Pamela J. 2000. “Cohabitation in the United States: An Appraisal of Research Themes, Findings, and Implications.” Annual Review of Sociology. Vol.26, pp.1-20. Advertisements

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Tonka Toys: “Built for Boyhood”

In 2007, Tonka aired an ad which later got pulled, due to its overt attempt to force gender specific toys, as well as gender specific stereotypes onto little children. At the start of the commercial the narrator begins by saying, … Continue reading

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Living a Double Life

To what exent would you go through to fullfill your dreams? If society intentionally excluded certain people would you conform to their exclusions? Would you take the matter into your own hands? Or would you transform into what they wantyou to be? … Continue reading

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Femicides or Honour Killings???

           I was surfing the internet when I came across an artical verifying the verdict of a family who was responsible for killing their children and calling it a honor killing. The Shafia family was found guilty in Canada for … Continue reading

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New technology Breakup Etiquette

  ” Gershon says, that made her realize we are still in the early, Wild West days of digital etiquette, especially when it comes to using these technologies to navigate our romantic relationships. What is ok to us and our group … Continue reading

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They.               Over the past few years society has become more aware of demeaning words, and as a result, a movement has arisen called the ‘politically correct’ movement. The aim of the politically correct movement is to replace discriminitive words … Continue reading

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